Study Abroad for Chemistry and Biochemistry Majors

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry encourages its students to complete a portion of their undergraduate study through the UC Education Abroad Program. Because all courses taken through UCEAP are accepted as UC courses, with careful planning students may spend as much as a year of study in a foreign university and still graduate on time.

Why study abroad?

There are so many important reasons to study abroad. You should really be asking yourself “why not?” That list will be much shorter!

  • Do extensive lab research for credit, such as in Japan, Hong KongTaiwan or Singapore.
  • Begin or increase your foreign language proficiency.
  • Distinguish your grad school or job application.

A term spent living and studying at a foreign university not only enhances your critical thinking and communication skills, but the experience of adapting to another academic and cultural world expands your self-understanding and gives you a keen sense of the political and social differences in today’s world.

When should I study abroad?

Consider taking your entire Physics 6ABC series abroad during the summer after your first year.

With proper planning and program selection, you can spend your entire junior year abroad and still graduate on time. Here is a helpful study abroad academic plan for Chemistry majors. Some science students decide to go abroad in their fifth year. This is usually acceptable provided you plan to graduate on UCEAP and not return to be in residence at UCSB. Note that financial aid may be more restricted in the fifth year. Consult with financial aid, your college and department advisors.

Where should I study abroad?

If you want to take courses in chemistry or biochemistry, you should consider one of the programs listed below where the department has pre-approved major coursework.

University of Singapore

University of Hong Kong

Edinburgh University, Scotland

University of Cork, Ireland

Other destinations to consider to study chemistry and biochemistry abroad in English include: Australia, Cyprus, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Norway, Scotland, Singapore, Sweden or the U.K. For a summary of programs for physical science majors, go to this UCEAP website.

What classes should I take?

Take a look at this study abroad academic plan for Chemistry majors. By searching Gaucho Credit Abroad and and the UCEAP Course Catalog, you will get an idea of the types of chemistry courses UC students have taken around the world.

During the summer, UCSB students may fulfill math 4A and 4B at the University of Glasgow or Organic Chem 109A, 109B, and 6AL at University College Dublin, Ireland. 

All EAP students automatically earn UC credit for the work you complete abroad. However, the application of credit to major requirements is subject to the discretion of the department. Plan ahead and consult with your department advisor.

Keep in mind that at least 20 units of upper-division major coursework (or 12 upper-division minor units) must be completed in residence at UCSB along with other residence requirements.

How do I get started?

Plan Ahead!

Applications are due as much as eight months prior to a program’s start date and some programs have academic or language prerequisites that must be satisfied in advance. Please check the UCSB EAP website for application due dates.

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