EAP by Major

Your Major and EAP

Use the drop down menu above to find specific advice about studying abroad in your major. Many majors have pre-approved UCEAP courseowrk for major credit.

UCEAP is specifically designed for UC students and their academic needs. All UCEAP course titles, units, and grades taken abroad will automatically transfer to your UCSB transcript. Why not expand your classroom experience by taking GE, major or minor courses abroad? 

The application of credit to major, minor or GE requirements is subject to the discretion of your academic department and College. Communicate with your academic advisors before you depart, while you are abroad, and after you return. 

Use Gaucho Credit Abroad to search for the types of credit (i.e., major, minor, GE areas, or electives towards graduation) that UCSB students received for courses taken on UCEAP. You can find more UCEAP courses in the UCEAP course catalog and additional course listings on UCEAP partner university/program websites.