EAP Academic Policies and Procedures

EAP Courses Abroad

  • You will receive units towards graduation for all completed EAP coursework. However, the application of credit to major, minor or GE requirements is subject to the discretion of the academic department and College. Communicate with your academic advisors before departing, while you are abroad, and after you return.
  • Each program has a maximum number of units that can be taken on a Passed/Not Passed basis. The limit for a specific program can be found in the UCEAP Program Guide.
  • Major requirements typically may NOT be taken P/NP.
  • Whether you take courses P/NP or for a letter grade, remember that once the EAP grades have been assigned, it is nearly impossible to have the grading option changed retroactively.
  • Lower-division courses taken abroad may not substitute for upper-division requirements.
Registering Courses on EAP: Course registration may be done prior to departure or when you are abroad. When your course selection abroad has been finalized, you will complete an official EAP Study List on MyEAP. Although you may register for courses at your host university, the MyEAP registration is your official UC course registration. The course numbers, titles, units and grading options on MyEAP will be reported on your UCSB transcript.
Unit Load: You MUST take the equivalent of a minimum unit load while abroad (i.e. at least 36 units for year-long programs), even if you are a graduating senior. Refer to your country-specific guide for your program’s minimum unit requirement. The number of courses this will require will depend on the number of units assigned per course at your study center.
EAP Final Grades: The reporting and posting of grades for courses taken abroad will take a minimum of 90 days after the end of your program. The course title, number and units for the grade will reflect what is listed on your EAP Study List.  Please review additional information regarding this important topic here.

UCSB Policies and Procedures

Academic Residence Requirements: Courses taken on EAP will not satisfy the residency requirement. L&S students must complete:
  • 3 terms in residence at UC Santa Barbara.
  • 20 upper-division units in a major in residence at UC Santa Barbara. This applies to double majors as well. You need 20 separate units in residence in each major.
  • 12 upper-division units in a minor in residence at UC Santa Barbara (if applicable);
  • 27 total upper-division units in the college of the student’s major, which includes the 20 above at UC Santa Barbara;
  • 35 of the final 45 units required for graduation in residence at UC Santa Barbara. If you participate in EAP as a senior, this is modified to 35 of the final 90 units.
L&S GE Requirements:
  • If you wish to take General Education courses while abroad, please refer to these Letters & Science guidelines for choosing GE courses abroad.
  • EAP courses must be at least 3 UC quarter units to fulfill GEs.
  • Writing Requirement: Up to two UCSB and/or EAP courses can be petitioned for the writing requirement. The course syllabus and your paper(s) must be attached to the petition.
  • Ethnicity Requirement: Very difficult to fulfill abroad; Can be fulfilled only by a course that focuses on the history and the cultural, intellectual, and social experience of designated racial minorities and/or ethnic groups in the United States.
Declaring or Changing a Major: If you are thinking about changing or declaring your major, do so prior to going abroad.
Taking a Quarter Off: If you take a quarter off BEFORE EAP, you must apply for re-admission to UCSB prior to departing for EAP. If you take time off AFTER EAP, you must inform the Registrar and the Financial Aid office (if appropriate) in writing as soon as you know this is your intention. You must follow their procedure for re-admission to UCSB which includes an application and a $60 fee. Letters & Science has additional forms for students applying for re-admission and have earned 155 or more units.

Note: Graduating students cannot take a quarter off prior to their participation on EAP. Please contact your advisor if you have questions on this policy. 
Going Abroad in a 5th Year: Students who find it difficult to study abroad during their regular four years at UCSB should consider spending a fifth year (or semester after 4th year) abroad. This might be a good option for students in demanding majors who have difficulty interrupting their UCSB coursework. Please note that financial aid may be more restricted in the fifth year. Consult with your college before considering this. Please also see above for the policy on taking a quarter off.
Course registration for your return to UCSB:   You will have the same pre-departure class standing until your UCEAP units/grades are posted. This means that your pass time will be based on your pre-departure class standing.  Please review additional information regarding this important topic here.