Once you have selected an EAP program

  1. Start your MyEAP Application 
  2. Meet with your academic advisor(s) to get the Academic Planning Form signed.
  3. Apply for a passport. You may do this at the UCSB Rec Cen Cashier's Office or at another location.
  4. Complete your application paperwork. Submit your MyEAP application online and turn in the hard copies of all required documents to the UCSB EAP Office in SH 2431 on the due date.
  5. You may be required to attend a group interview shortly after you turn in your applicaion.
  6. You will be notified of your selection status by the end of the quarter in which you submitted your application.

The MyEAP application & additional forms

Start your MyEAP online application. You may only apply for one program per term. If you would like to apply for back-to-back programs, consult your EAP advisor for your desired second program. 

In addition to submitting the MyEAP application, you will need to submit supplemental forms required for your program. You will find a list of these items on your program's Application Checklist under the 'Instructions' tab of your MyEAP online application. This checklist is different for each program. Detailed instructions and forms required for your program are located at the bottom of your program's Application Checklist.
The following documents are required for ALL applications: 
The following are required for SOME applications:
Academic Planning Form: Applicants to the Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and United Kingdom Immersion programs should list courses for their top TWO university choices.

Dept. Pre-Approval to Extend Form: If this item appears on your Application Checklist, you must submit this with your application EVEN if you do not want to extend. Please note: If you are not 100% sure that you would like to extend, it is still to your benefit to complete this.  Simply check "yes" on the form and get it signed by your academic advisor. If you check "no", it may still be possible for you to extend your EAP participation, HOWEVER, the required approval process at that time will be very lengthy and painful.

Official Transcripts: Do not open the envelope in which your transcript comes in. When you bring in your application on the due date, the EAP staff will open it and make the required photocopies for you.

Turning in your application

You will need to submit your application in person; you cannot just drop it off in an envelope or have a friend deliver it. Please turn in your application ON THE DUE DATE. We sit down with each person and review their application with them. We do not have sufficient staff to accomodate early applications. Please use paper clips. DO NOT STAPLE ANYTHING! 

The check-in process will take 15-60 minutes. We expect to receive up to 150 applications each day so allow yourself extra time, as you might have to wait up to an hour in line.

You may be required to attend a group interview shortly after you turn in your application.
 You will be notified of your selection status by the end of the quarter in which you submitted your application.

Selection Criteria

Advisors will consider the following items when reviewing your application:

  • Academic performance, especially in courses applicable to program coursework (i. e.- language courses or special focus programs) 
  • Clear academic goals and awareness of how intended program will contribute to academic progress at UCSB
  • Complete, organized application
  • Demonstrated knowledge of program and host country. This is a common topic in interviews. 
  • Social and cross-cultural sensitivity; maturity; ability to adapt successfully to a different environment and a new education system; ability to assess and exhibit appropriate behavior in a variety of situations
  • Program requirements regarding language level, class level, and GPA