Campus Specific Application Instructions for UCSB Students

Only submit the materials listed above. The section below is a resource library of forms that you may or may not need.

Application Deadlines                         UCSB Application Instructions

UCSB EAP Gaucho Application Questions (Previously Statement of Purpose)
Time Required: 1-2 hours

  • Following the prompt, answer in a separate document. 
  • Print a copy to include with your application paperwork.

Academic Planning Form Time Required: 2 days - 2 week

  • Complete this by following the 7 steps listed on the form.
  • Use the info and links found on your Program Courses & Credits tab on the UCEAP website.       
  • Schedule an appointment with your undergraduate advisor.     
  • Go over the form with your advisor and have them sign it.

Requesting/Printing Transcripts   Time Required: 5 minutes for unofficial, up to 1 week for official
Note: If you need a transcript please order a hard copy one and NOT the e-transcripts.

  • OFFICIAL transcripts:
    • To request an official transcript online, log into GOLD and select "Official Transcripts" from the left navigation panel, then "Order Transcript." Each official transcript costs $16.00.
    • Transcripts will be processed in 3-5 business days before mailing.
    • Rush orders or pick-up for the next day processing costs an additional $10.00.
    • To request an official transcript in-person, to the Registrar's office. The same charges apply.
  • UNOFFICIAL transcripts:
    • Unofficial transcripts can be printed from GOLD.  You will need to log on to GOLD and select "Transcripts" from the left navigation panel. Do not print from the "Grades" screen, we need the "Unofficial Transcripts."

Transcripts must be issued in your legal name, as it appears on your passport.

Passport Copies   Time required: Up to 8 weeks

  • All EAP students will need a valid passport to participate in your program. If you do not have a passport you will need to apply for one. If your passport will expire sooner than up to 6 months after the end of your program, you will need to renew your passport.
  • Applications and renewals can go thorugh the passport office at the Rec Cen (among other places). Please do not delay.
  • Passport copies must be clear and legible in order to be accepted by our office. Please be sure to avoid common mistakes and problems with passport copies.

Departmental Pre-approval to Extend (if requested above)  Time Required: 2 days - 1 week

  • If you are considering extending, you will need to schedule an appointment with your undergraduate advisor and have them sign this form
  • You do not need to submit this form if you do not want pre-approval to extend

Note: We strongly encourage you to get pre-approval to extend if you are applying to a program with an extension option!  You are not making any commitments by getting pre-approval; you are just keeping your options open.  Many students don’t think they will extend, only to change their minds after arriving in their host countries.  Without the pre-approval, the extension process can be very lengthy, and in some cases impossible.


  • Please include an approximately 2x2 inch picture of your face.           
  • This can be printed from your computer or cut out of another photograph.

Language Requirement (if requested above)  Time Required: (Varies)

  • If your transcript accurately reflects your language level, then you do NOT need to take any further action.
  • If you have achieved the necessary coursework equivalent via the AP test, and have not completed any subsequent university-level coursework, then inform the advisor of your AP score when you turn in your application. 
  • If you have no documentation of your language proficiency (e.g. native speaker, second-language, etc.), then you need to complete a Language Evaluation form with a qualified instructor and submit it with your application. This may take some time, so plan accordingly. 

Letter of Recommendation (if requested above)  Time Required: (Varies but it’s best to give at least 2 weeks advance notice)

If you are filling out a separate host university application that requires a letter of recommendation, here are some suggestions:

  • Recommendations should be from a professor/TA with whom you have recently completed a course, preferably within your major.
  • Letters must be requested well in advance, as professors often take a lot of time to complete them.
  • If the professor/TA returns the letter to you in a sealed envelope, do NOT open it unless instructed otherwise.
  • In all cases, default to the directions provided in the host university application.
  • Use this Letter of Recommendation form to help professors identify and evaluate you accurately