Due Dates

Application Due Dates for 2016-17 Summer, Fall, & Year Programs

Application Deadlines (PDF Version)

Late Applications 

The following programs will be accepting late applications. If interested, please apply right away and do not wait until the last day:

Country Program Deadline Advisor
China Beijing Normal Univ. (Fall, Summer L&C + Fall) 2/12/16 Megan
China Engineering • Univ. of Michigan Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ. • Joint Institute (Fall) 2/12/16 Megan
China Global & International Studies • Fudan University (Fall) 2/12/16 Megan
China International Summer School • Fudan University 2/12/16 Megan
China Language & Culture • Beijing Normal Univ. (Summer) 2/12/16 Megan
China Peking Univ. (L&C BNU Summer + Year) 2/12/16 Megan
Czech Republic Central European Studies • Prague 3/4/16 Adrienne
Denmark Univ. of Copenhagen 3/11/16 Adrienne
Dominican Republic Community Public Health • Santiago (Summer) 3/11/16 Willaine
France Ecole Normale Superieure, Adv. Studies  3/14/16 Megan
Germany International Summer School • Free Univ. Berlin 2/23/16 Sara
Germany International Summer School • Technical University Berlin 2/23/16 Sara
Germany Free Univ. Berlin (Fall, Year, Pre-ILP + Fall, Pre-ILP + Year) 2/23/16 Sara
Germany Humboldt Univ. Berlin (Fall, Year, Pre-ILP + Fall, Pre-ILP + Year) 2/23/16 Sara
Germany Technical Univ. Berlin (Fall, Year, Pre-ILP + Fall, Pre-ILP + Year)  2/23/16 Sara
Hong Kong Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong (CUHK) (Fall, Year) 2/19/16 Megan
Hong Kong Hong Kong Univ. of Science and Technology (HKUST) (Fall, Year) 2/19/16 Megan
India Internship & Research • Pune (Summer) 2/12/16 Megan
Jordan All Programs Contact Adrienne
Mexico All Programs 2/16/16 Willaine
Morocco All Programs Contact Adrienne
Netherlands University College, Maastricht 2/19/16 Ryan
Netherlands Business & Economics, Maastricht Univ. 2/19/16 Ryan
Netherlands Utrecht University 2/19/16 Ryan
Netherlands International Summer School, Maastricht University 2/19/16 Ryan
Russia Summer Programs 2/26/16 Adrienne
Sweden All Programs 3/18/16 Adrienne
UK-Scotland Scottish Parliament Internship • UC Center Edinburgh Contact Adrienne