Student Advisory Council

The EAP Student Advisory Council actively engages with the UCSB EAP staff to ensure that study abroad opportunities are available to all interested students.  Members share their international experiences, brainstorm ideas on how EAP operations can be improved and provide recommendations on how the overall UCSB student community can be better engaged.  Upon approval, the Council may implement their ideas throughout the academic year.  UCSB EAP considers constructive feedback from students to be critical in the success of the EAP program.

Time commitment:
The council meets weekly (1 hour) with an EAP advisor.  This time can also be used to work on project ideas.  Members must commit to serving for the full academic year.

The first meeting date will take place during the week of October 8.  Meeting date, time and location will be announced when available.  

The council consists of six members representing the following cohorts: EAP peer advisors/global interns, EAP reciprocal exchange students and select EAP prospective students. 

Students interested in joining the Council should complete this application no later than Monday, October 1.

Please contact:

Emily Tom Atzberger
UCSB EAP Associate Director