Faculty collaboration has long been an essential part of the Education Abroad Program. Faculty serve as Study Center Directors, as Campus Director of the EAP office, on the Senate Committee on Extended Learning and International Education, on the systemwide Committee on International Education, and on a variety of committees advisory to the systemwide committee and to the University Office of EAP.

A very important faculty role on the UCSB campus is as study abroad advocates linking academic departments and the Campus Office of EAP. Faculty need to promote study abroad opportunities for students in their departments and assist in their academic advising. They are also key to the efforts now being undertaken to integrate EAP into the academic curricula of departments. The goal of academic integration is for departments to consider EAP courses equivalent to their own in the fulfillment of major requirements and electives, to enable EAP courses to become an integral part of UC’s academic programs and to fulfill GE and major requirements. Faculty who wish to work more closely with EAP should contact Chris Silverstein, UCSB EAP Academic Integration Specialist.

Faculty and undergraduate staff advisors are crucial to the academic advising of students who wish to study abroad through EAP or who are returning from study abroad and need to petition for major and GE credit for courses they have taken. For course descriptions and EAP course numbers, see the EAP Public Course Catalog search engine on the systemwide website. Advisors with questions can contact the Campus Office of EAP by email or at 893-2958.

EAP depends critically on faculty and staff for help in recruitment, interviewing, and orientation of EAP students. We strongly encourage faculty to make EAP opportunities known to their students. To have a returned student make a recruiting announcement for EAP in a class, contact the Campus Office by email or at 2958.

UCSB Faculty EAP Appointments

We congratulate the following UCSB faculty on their recent EAP appointments:

Study Center Directorships July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2013:

  • Chile & Argentina Programs: Professor Francisco Lomeli, Department of Spanish and Portuguese; Department of Chicano Studies
  • Egypt & Middle East Programs (Israel & Turkey): Professor Nancy Gallagher, Department of History
  • France Programs: Dr. Jean Marie Schultz, Department of French and Italian

Study Center Directorships 2013 – 2015:

  • Japan Study Center Director: Miriam Wattles, Department of History of Art & Architecture

UCEAP Visiting Professorship:

  • Joint Fudan-UC Program in International Studies, Fudan University, Shanghai, China:  Professor Grace Chang, Department of Feminist Studies
  • A special program commemorating ICU's 60th Anniversary and the 50th Anniversary of the UC-ICU Exchange Program, International Christian University, Japan in fall, 2014: Paul Spickard, Department of History