Essay Help

Get Expert Advise!

Step 1: Research your scholarship options and attend a Scholarship Workshop; held every Friday 3-4pm in South Hall 2421 during weeks 2-10 every quarter.
Step 2: Visit the CLAS Writing Lab. Peer tutors provide individual assistance to students at any stage of the writing process. Tutorials are available on a drop-in or by-appointment basis. Please bring a hard copy of your essay, as tutors are not permitted to read papers on laptops or other devices. It's also helpful if you bring your essay prompt.
Step 3: Determine if official transcripts or letters of recommendation are required for your scholarship applications. Get these documents ASAP and with plenty of time before the application deadlines. Make sure that any transcripts include your legal name.
Step 4: Submit all of your scholarship application materials by their deadlines. Note that some are due by a specific time (check the time zone!). Do not wait until the last minute!