Italian Cultural Heritage Foundation of Santa Barbara:
The Silvio Di Loreto Memorial Scholarship For Excellence (
Established April 2013)


The Italian Cultural Heritage Foundation of Santa Barbara (ICHFSB) has established this scholarship to be available to students participating in the EAP Program to study at the University of Bologna, Italy for a full year or for a semester. This scholarship is intended to provide support and encouragement to motivated students for studying abroad at the top-ranked University of Bologna with renowned faculty and an international student body.

The Bologna program offers regular university courses in most UC academic majors and instruction is in Italian. The semester begins with an intensive language program (ILP) intended to advance Italian language skills and prepare students for the academic culture of Italian universities. In particular, the University of Bologna has excellent opportunities for students in art history, communication, Italian, global studies, film studies, history, literature, philosophy, and political science.

​Program Eligibility

Eligibility requirements for participation in this program, including class level, language prerequisites, minimum qualifications and GPA are determined through UCEAP and built into the program application process.

As of March 2017, the eligibility requirements include:

Class Level:
Junior, Senior, Graduate

Language Prerequisites:
The University-level language requirement is:  minimum 1 year (3 quarters/2 semesters) with a minimum language GPA of 2.85; The program requires a minimum of 2 years University-level Italian and enrollment in the Summer Pre-ILP.

GPA:  2.85 cumulative GPA at the time of application and maintained through the end of the last term prior to departure

ICHFSB Scholarship Criteria (as determined by ICHFSB):

Award:  $2,500

This scholarship will support EAP students exhibiting the following criteria:

  1. Participating in the University of Bologna program, be it a full academic year or semester long,
  2. Preference for Italian language study as a component of the curricula and,
  3. Recipient selected based on merit and should have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0;
  4. Should there be no qualified students for the Bologna program, UCSB EAP may propose to ICHFSB to award the scholarship to a qualified student accepted in a substitute study abroad program in Italy approximately equivalent to the program in Bologna.