*If there is a cost associated with your health clearance process and your program gets canceled, fees paid for this process will NOT be refunded to you.

Immunization recommendations

It is recommended that all of your travel immunizations are up-to-date before traveling.  While some countries have requirements for specific travel vaccines, most only have recommendations. 

If you are going to a country that does not strongly recommend a Travel Consult appointment (refer to the health clearance chart), but you would like to update your immunizations, you may still schedule an Immunization Review Appointment with one of the Advice Nurses through the Student Health website, "Join a Line", and choose "Appointment Desk".

Travel consult related costs at UCSB Student Health Services

   Immunization price comparison list

Although the UCEAP student travel insurance does not cover the cost of most vaccinations, the exception is for Malaria Prophylaxis. UC has purchased a special insurance rider for UCEAP participants to be reimbursed the cost of Malaria Prophylaxis if it is prescribed by a doctor and filled, picked up, and paid for within the term of coverage (i.e. no more than 14 days before the official start-date of the UCEAP program).

   Insurance and related information

Students without the UCSHIP Insurance Plan

Students that have their own private insurance should contact their insurance provider to determine if your travel consult, vaccines, and/or prescriptions will be covered by your insurance.  GAP students will not pay the visit fee, however, will still be responsible for the cost of the vaccines and any needed prescriptions.  Students who have waived out of UC SHIP will have a visit fee in addition to the cost of vaccines and prescriptions.  Other Travel Clinics in Santa Barbara may accept your insurance.