Lab Tests or Physicals

If you are having these completed at Student Health, you will be required to schedule a prelim appointment at least ONE WEEK before your physical appointment.  The required lab tests will be ordered at this visit so the results will be available to your clinician when you are seen for your physical.  Please bring the completed physical forms from your host university to your appointment. 

Country/University Labs and Other Tests Required
Australia TB Chest X-ray or skin test(only when requested by the consulate)
Barbados UWI Medical Questionnaire
China ECG, chest X-ray, HIV, syphilis, TB, blood type. Physical required for year program only.
Israel - BGU

The BGU medical Form can be replaced with the usual UCEAP Health Clearance form. Students will need two legible copies of the UCEAP Health Clearance form if the BGU Medical form is replaced.

Israel - Hebrew University Hebrew University: Complete physical examination including urinalysis.

Japan - Doshisha, Hitotsubashi, ICU, Keio, Tohoku,

Physical Exam (may include: Chest X-ray, Urinalysis: glucose, protein & occult blood)

Korea - All programs

Students studying in Korea must get a TB test done as part of their housing. You can get it done for a minimal cost upon arriving in Korea. Alternatively, you can get a TB test before arriving in Korea. The test must be done within 2 months of the dorm move-in date.

Note that the Health Clearance is submitted to UCEAP and the TB test results are submitted to Korean housing

Russia HIV test results are required for the Russian visa. Must be done within 90 days of submitting the visa application. Do not send results to UCEAP.
Singapore - year only Physical Exam, including HIV and TB chest X-ray
South Africa TB chest X-ray or skin test - This must be done at least 48 hours before your health clearance appointment. The SHS clinician must have the results of the test in order to clear the student.
Taiwan - NTU only

Physical Exam including chest X-ray

Optional: Urinalysis: protein, PH, sugar & occult blood.Blood work: WBC, RBC, HBs AG*, HB, MCV, Anti-HBs ab, Hct, PLT, SGOT, Uric acid, T-cholesterol, SGPT, Creatinine, Triglyceride & AC sugar

  • Please note that these will be charged in addition to the cost of a physical or health clearance. All charges will be billed to your BARC account. All prices subject to change.
Test Test
X-ray processing fee (no SHIP) ESR
Lab processing fee (no SHIP) GPT
TB test Hemogram
Chest X-ray Hepatitis B antigen
Blood type HIV
CBC Syphilis
20Chemistry panel Urinalysis (dip only)
ECG Urinalysis (dip and micro)
Stool for O & P Stool for occult blood
  • Review the remaining columns in the EAP Health Clearance Chart for additional requirements.
  • You will be required to come in at least one week before your exam or health clearance appointment to obtain the tests listed above. This allows the results to be ready when you see your clinician.