Online or Private Physician

(This is a DRAFT page only.  Current EAP students should not refer to this until it has been finalized.  You will be emailed at a later time with the most up to date information.)

2018-2019 Programs

Dear EAP Candidates (blind-copied),

Congratulations on your upcoming study abroad program with EAP!  Your program requires:

 A Health Clearance-done either online through Student Health or with your private physician

All EAP students are required to obtain a Health Clearance before departure and your deadline is approaching!  The paperwork for this process is due to the UC Systemwide Office per information on the UCEAP pre-departure checklist.  Instructions for the health clearance can be found on this website

Please read the instructions in this email thoroughly! 


Students can complete the health clearance online through UCSB Student Health even if they do not have Gaucho Health Insurance (GHI).  

  • The clearance process is typically not covered by insurance and it is generally cheaper to get cleared through Student Health.
  • All students who complete the clearance through Student Health will be billed $50 to BARC.

PLEASE NOTE: the option to complete your Health Clearance through Student Health is only available online from March 23, 2018 starting at 8am through April 27, 2018 at 4:30pm. You may NOT complete your Health Clearance in person at Student Health Services.

To access the online form:

  • Go to the Student Health Gateway to Secure Log-in.
  • Log in: enter your net ID and Password.
  • If you have never been in “Gateway to Secure Log-in” before, you must acknowledge your forms on the left side panel before continuing.
  • Select "Messages" on the left panel, then "New Message." DO NOT click on Appointments

Please answer the health questions honestly and completely. In addition:

  1. If you have been treated by a specialist for a medical or psychiatric condition in the past year, you will need to request a signed letter from your specialist or counselor indicating your condition is stable and it is safe for you to travel and study abroad. Have you specialist fax the letter to 805-893-4911, Attn: Kim Finegold. Specialist Letter Request form (pdf)
  1. If you have never been seen at Student Health Services you will need to complete a Student Health History Form in addition to the online. The form can be downloaded from the UCSB Student Health website.  Complete the form and take it to Granada clinic in Student Health (the green hallway) M-F between 9-11:30am and 1-4pm.  Do NOT drop the form off at the appointment desk. The medical assistant in Granada clinic will also check your vital signs (blood pressure, height, weight).  There is no charge for this visit

The SHS clinician will review your form and may require a follow-up email correspondence, an appointment, or additional documentation before a clearance will be issued. Please be sure to log back in to check for messages frequently.

When your health clearance in completed, SHS will email your health clearance forms to you.  Please print a copy of the form, sign and date the Limited Authorization at the top of the page and mail the signed form to UCEAP by your due date


Please note: If you experience difficulties while completing the online clearance, please call Lety Gonzalez for assistance at 805-893-7094


If you plan to use a Private Physician, please follow the instructions below.  These instructions can also be found on our website:

  1. Print out the EAP Confidential Health History Form and the UCEAP Health Clearance Form
  2. If you are currently under the care of a specialist (other than the physician you are seeing for the clearance) for medical or psychiatric condition, you will need to request a signed letter on official letterhead approving your travel and detailing any special accommodations or care you may need abroad. Please submit the letter from your specialist with your Health Clearance form. Specialist Letter request form (pdf)
  1. Fill out the UCEAP Confidential Health History Form before your appointment
  1. Make and attend an appointment with private physician AND any specialist you are seeing for an ongoing condition. Bring both of the above forms with you. This clearance may NOT be done by a family member.
  1. Mail the original UCEAP Health Clearance Form to UCEAP before your program due date.

This is a lengthy process and due dates are not flexible!