Private Physician

1. If your program offers you the option to obtain your health clearance with a Private Physician (refer to the health clearance chart) and you wish to pursue this, follow these instructions.

2. Students that do not have a private physician in the local Santa Barbara area may also go to a local clinic such as :

Fairview MedCenter (by Bed Bath and Beyond) Isla Visa MedClinic
271 N. Fairview Ave - Goleta 970 Embarcadero del Mar - Isla Vista
Step 1:   Schedule an appointment with a private physician / local clinic 
Make an appointment with a private physician and any specialist you are seeing for an ongoing condition. Specialist clearance should be completed BEFORE the general practioner clearances. 
The UCEAP Health Clearance Form consists of 2 sections: specialist (if applicable) and general physician.
Step 2:   Print out health forms 
1) Carefully check your program's pre-departure checklist to determine if there are country-specific health forms that you will need to print out and bring to your appointment.

2) Print out the UCEAP Confidential Health History Form, complete it and bring it to your appointment. You will need your immunization records for the form.

3) Print out the UCEAP Health Clearance Form and bring it to your appointment for the physician to complete.

Step 3:   Attend your appointment
1)  Bring all necessary forms and make sure to get them completed and signed.
Step 4:   Submit your health clearance form on time 
1) Make a copy of the form for your files.

2) Mail the original form to:
University of California Education Abroad Program
6950 Hollister Avenue, Suite 200
Goleta, CA 93117