Student Health Services (SHS) In-Person

EAP in-person Travel Health Clearances:

EAP in-person Travel Health Clearances at Student Health Services require a physical exam and possibly labs or imaging as required by your host university. Sometimes two appointments are required so do not delay!  

Step 1:   Print out health clearance forms
Step 2:   Schedule an appointment
a) Call 805-893-3371 or go to the Student Health Services appointment desk to schedule your EAP in-person Travel Health Clearance physical exam and, if needed, your preliminary appointment for labs, vital signs and imaging.  The scheduler will tell you if these are required.

b) Bring ALL health forms listed in Step 1 with you when you schedule your appointments.
Step 3:   Complete and compile ALL paperwork
a) Letter from your specialist (if applicable)    
If treated for a medical or mental health condition* in the past year, request a signed letter from your provider approving your EAP participation.  Ask your specialist to fax the letter to 805-893-4911, Attn: Kristen Rogers.

 Clearance Letter Request Form 

*Examples: If you have a chronic medical or psychiatric condition that requires regular follow-up visits and/or daily medications, severe allergies or asthma, or any medical or psychiatric condition that may need regular care or worsen while abroad.

b) Gather your immunization records 

c) Complete the UCEAP Confidential Health History Form (and other forms if applicable)
Step 4:   Attend your appointments
Be sure to bring ALL of your health forms to the appointments. If you do not, you will be asked to reschedule and fees will then be applied.
If you miss your appointments, you will be charged a "missed appointment" fee.
Step 5:   Where to send your completed forms
Keep a copy of all forms for your files
a) UCEAP Health Clearance Form 

Submit to the UCEAP office so it arrives by the deadline using the following methods:

    a) Mail the original of the completed form to:
        UCEAP System Wide Office
        [Specify your UCEAP country and program name here] 
        6950 Hollister Avenue, Suite 200
        Goleta, CA 93117

     b) FAX to 1+805-893-2583

     c) Email to [specialist/advisor email address].
         IMPORTANT NOTE: Using non-encrypted email to send yourcompleted health clearance is not
         private or secure. Also, there is a possibility that the email could be intercepted and read by
         others whom you did not intend to receive it.

b) Country-specific forms
Refer to your UCEAP pre-departure requirements checklist for instructions
All charges will be billed to your BARC account.
Physical………………………………..Price will depend on complexity
Fee for missed appointment………….$55.00*
* If you need to cancel your appointment and reschedule, please contact SHS at least 24 hours before your appointment to avoid any fees.