Student Health Clearance (SHS) Online

You may complete your health clearance online or through a private physician. If you prefer to complete it through SHS online, follow the instructions below. If you prefer to see a private physician, refer to the Private Physician instructions.

Please note: If you experience difficulties while completing the online clearance, please call Lety Gonzalez for assistance at (805)893-7094 (During normal business hours 8:00 am- 4:30 pm)

*Students going to the following countries cannot see a private physician and must do the SHS online option: Botswana, Ghana, India, Senegal, South Africa, Solomon Islands and Tanzania.

WARNING: Students who do not follow these instructions, wait until the last minute, lose their forms without enough time to replace them, or otherwise miss the deadline will be dismissed from the program.

Step 1

If you are planning on completing your clearance through Student Health, and you have been treated by a specialist for a medical or psychiatric condition* in the past year. you will need to request a signed letter from your specialist or counselor approving your travel. Please have your specialist fax the letter to 805-893-4911, Attn: Kim Finegold.

Specialist Letter Request Form (PDF)

*Examples: Any major surgery, Severe allergies or Severe asthma that cause you to see a specialist, Any chronic health concerns, ANY visits to a mental health specialist in the past year will require a letter.

3-7 days 
Step 2

Determining your due date as it is very important. The due date for your paperwork is listed in your program's Pre-Departure Checklist. The date listed is the deadline for your health clearance to arrive at the UCEAP Systemwide Office located at 6950 Hollister Ave. Suite 200 Goleta, CA. 93117-5823. Failure to submit your health clearance on time will lead to your dismissal from the program.

This process can take several weeks to complete so please be mindful of the deadlines and allow enough time for processing.

5 mins
Step 3

Gather your immunization records. This information can usually be obtained from your personal physician, your parents, or the high school you last attended.

1-3 days
Step 4

If you have never been seen at Student Health Services you will need to complete a Student Health History Form. The form can be downloaded from the UCSB Student Health website.  Please complete the form and take it to Granada clinic in Student Health (the green hallway) M-F between 9-11:30 am and 1-4pm ( closed for lunch 12:00-1:00).  Do NOT drop the form off at the appointment desk. The medical assistant in Granada clinic will also check your vital signs (blood pressure, height, weight).  There is no charge for this visit.  The form and vital signs will be entered into your Student health chart for review by the clinician doing your health clearance.

1 hour
Step 5

Complete the online form. The UCSB Student Health Online Health Clearance portal window for EAP Summer, Fall and Nothern Hemisphere Year-Long Programs is now closed. If you did not complete the online Student Health in this time frame you must see a private physician. Some programs only allow for an online clearance through student health so please check your instructions carefully.

PDF Instructions

To access the online form:

  1. Go to the Student Health Gateway to Secure Log-in at
  2. Log in: enter your net ID and Password
  3. If you have never been in Gateway before, you must acknowledge your forms on the left side panel before continuing.
  4. Select "Messages" on the left panel, then "New Message." DO NOT click on Appointments.
  5. Complete the form *Warning please complete forms in a timely manner as you may time out of the system before being able to click submit
  6. Print copy for your records before submitting the online form
  7. Submit the form.
    **Note: you can still submit the form even if you do not have your immunization records readily available
30 mins
Step 6

SHS will review your form. The SHS clinician may require a follow-up email correspondence, an appointment, or additional documentation before a clearance will be issued. This can take longer if the student is under ongoing medical care. 

This will also take longer if the student does not disclose and explain EVERYTHING in their medical history. SHS has access to your medical records and discrepancies will cause them to contact you.

If you do not receive a response within 7 business days please contact Lety Gonzales at (805)893-7094

AT LEAST 7 business days (longer if follow-up is needed)
Step 7

Once you submit your online EAP Health History Questionnaire, please remember to log in to “Gateway to Secure Log-in” on the UCSB Student health website frequently to see if your clearance has been completed and to receive further instructions.

Print and sign the completed clearance

5 mins daily
Step 8

Mail in the completed health clearance form (along with any country-specific paperwork and specialist letters) to UCEAP System Wide Office located at 6950 Hollister Ave. Suite 200 Goleta, CA. 93117-5823. You can find your due date on your program's pre-departure checklist.

1-3 days

All charges will be billed to your BARC account.

Online Health Clearance…………………....................$50.00
Lost Form Replacement Fee....................................$15.00
If you are asked to come in for an in-person follow-up appointment:
Visit fee..................................................................$60.00 (Online fee may be waived)
      Late cancellation (less than 24 hrs. before appt.)........$25.00
      Fee for missed appointment……….........…................$55.00