Student Health Services (SHS) Online

If your program offers you the option to obtain your health clearance through the SHS Online option (refer to the health clearance chart) and you wish to pursue this, follow these instructions.

The SHS Online option is currently available.

  • If you have NOT been seen at Student Health for primary care within the past year and you are NOT residing in the local area, you will need to see your local provider for clearance.
  • If you have NOT been seen in Student Health within the year but are residing in the local area, you can complete the clearance through Student Health.
  • If you have been seen at Student Health for a primary care visit within the past year, you can likely complete the EAP Health Clearance through Student Health. 

A $50 online health clearance fee will be assessed for students with and without the UCSHIP insurance plan.  Students who do not purchase the UCSHIP plan can still submit the online health clearance form.

Difficulty accessing the online clearance form? Contact Joanne Uhrig (SHS) for assistance at 805-893-3852. 

Step 1:   Letter from your specialist (if applicable) (Amount of time: 7 days)
If treated for a medical or mental health condition* in the past year, request a signed letter from your provider approving your EAP participation.  Ask your specialist to fax the letter to 805-893-4911, Attn: Kristen Rogers.

  Clearance Letter Request Form 

*Examples: If you have a chronic medical or psychiatric condition that requires regular follow-up visits and/or daily medications, severe allergies or asthma, or any medical or psychiatric condition that may need regular care or worsen while abroad.
Step 2:   Immunization Records (Amount of time: 7 days)
Gather your immunization records. You can submit the online health clearance form without this info, however, follow-up will be needed.
Step 3:   Have you previously been treated at the UCSB Student Health Services? (Amount of time: 1 hour)
1) If no, complete the Student Health History Form and submit it to the Granada Clinic (green hallway) at 
     Student Health Mon-Fri between 9-11:30 am and 1-4pm. 
2) Do NOT drop the form off at the appointment desk.   
3) At that time, the medical assistant will check your vital signs (blood pressure, height, weight) which will be
    reviewed with your online health clearance information. 
There is no charge for this visit.  
Step 4:   Complete the online health clearance form  (Amount of time: 1 hour)
To access the online form:
  1. Go to the Student Health Gateway  
  2. Click on Patient Portal Gateway
  3. Enter your UCSB Net ID and Password
  4. Click Messages on the left side of the menu
  5. Click New Message
  6. Select Travel Health Clearance - EAP (Forms)
  7. Complete Medical History Form.  Before you submit, print one copy for your records.
    (A secure message regarding the status of your clearance will appear in the SHS online portal within 7 business days.)
Step 5:   Check the status of your online health clearance form  (Amount of time: check frequently)
1. Go to the Student Health Gateway and check for Messages on the left side of the menu.
2. Messages might contain additional information requested for your health clearance and/or provide you with information specific to your EAP program's health clearance procedure.
3. Messages will inform you when your health clearance has been approved.
4. Once your clearance has been approved, SHS will send you a message telling you that they will fax the approved health clearance directly to UCEAP.
All charges will be billed to your BARC account.

$50.00  Online Health Clearance 
$15.00  Lost Form Replacement Fee 
$60.00  In-person visit fee If you are asked to come in for an in-person follow-up appointment. 
             (Fee may be waived.)
$25.00  Late cancellation fee (less than 24 hours before appointment)
$55.00  Missed appointment