Student Health Services Appointments

Note: In-person appointments are only for Barbados, China Group A: Peking University Year & Spring+Summer Internship, Israel: Hebrew University and Ben-Gurion University,  Japan Group B - Doshisha, Hitotsubashi, Keio and ICU (L&C Summer + Fall, Fall, Spring, L&C Summer + Year, Year), Singapore: National University of Singapore (NUS) Year, South Africa, and Taiwan: National Taiwan University (NTU) Fall, Spring, & Year. All others have the option of completing this process through SHS online.
*Applicants for Japan Fall/Year 2019: International Christian University (L&C Summer+Fall, Fall, L&C Summer+Year, Year), Keio University Year please contact appointment desk at Student Health right away. If you have trouble booking an appointment please contact Joanne Uhrig at (805)893-3852

These countries are in-person because they require additional testing and a physical exam.

Timeline for this process: PLAN AHEAD!!!

Print out the UCEAP Health Clearance Form and complete the EAP Confidential Health History Form

30 minutes + time to gather immunization records

Go to the Student Health Services appointment desk to schedule a preliminary appointment and your physical. You must bring your completed country-specific health form/s (found in your UCEAP checklist) and your UCEAP Health Clearance Form when you schedule the appointments.

10 minutes

Attend your preliminary appointment and your physical appointment. Bring your completed EAP Confidential Health History Form and country-specific health form/s as well as the  UCEAP Health Clearance Form

30 minutes each

Mail in your completed Health Clearance form to UCEAP. Student Health Services provides a self-addressed envelope for UCEAP. It is your responsibility to add your Travel Course Certificate (if applicable) to the envelope before mailing it to UCEAP before your program health clearance deadline date (See deadline in your UCEAP checklist) . Please follow directions on your UCEAP pre-departure checklist  regarding any country-specific health form/s

1-3 days (See Deadline)

*If you do not bring the EAP Confidential Health History Form completely filled out, you will be asked to reschedule and fees will be applied.


  1. Gather your immunization records. This information can usually be obtained from your personal physician, your parents, or the high school you last attended.

  2. If you are currently under the care of a specialist for a medical or psychiatric condition, you will need to request a signed letter on official letterhead approving your travel and detailing any special accommodations or care you may need abroad. Please have your specialist fax the letter to 805-893-4911, Attn: Kristen Rogers . Specialist Letter Request Form (pdf)

  3. The SHS clinician may require a follow-up appointment or additional documentation before a clearance will be issued.


All charges will be billed to your BARC account.

Physical………………………………..Price will depend on complexity
Fee for missed appointment………….$55.00*

* If you need to cancel your appointment and reschedule, please contact SHS at least 24 hours before your appointment to avoid any fees.