Travel Clinic

This is a separate requirement from your Health Clearance! This means 2 different procedures!

This is only required for: Argentina, Barbados, Botswana, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Domincan Republic, French Polynesia, Ghana, India, Jordan, Mexico, Morocco, Russia, Senegal, Solomon Islands, South Africa, Taiwan (NTU), Thailand, Socio-Ecological Sustainability in Southern Chile, Vietnam

See general Immunizations information and a list of what immunizations are required for your country.

Step 1

Complete the UCEAP Online Travel Course. Refer to your UCEAP pre-departure checklist for due dates and additional instructions.

Note: If the link does not work, copy/paste the url address into your browser window.

1 hour
Step 2

You must make an appointment with a travel health provider (at Student Health, your private insurance provider, or a local travel clinic) as soon as possible. It is critical to consider vaccine-preventable diseases that may be easily caught during travel, especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition. Also, if you will be traveling to a malaria-endemic region, you may need to take malaria chemoprophylaxis, in addition to taking mosquito avoidance measures.

To make a Student Health Travel Consult (shots & Rx) appointment:

PDF Instructions

  1. Go to and click on Gateway to secure log in.
  2. Log on by entering your NET ID and Password. Click on proceed.
  3. Once logged on, on the left hand side click on “Messages”
  4. Then Click on New Message
  5. Then select Travel Appointment Request and continue.
  6. Complete the Electronic Travel Consult (shots and Rx) Request Form and Send. You will

get a reply back with confirmation of your scheduled Travel Appointment.

There is also a PDF instructions page. Please follow these six steps very closely.

Students going to Botswana, Ghana, India, Sengegal, and South Africa need to do the health clearances through Student Health, but may go to their own providers for their Travel Consults (shots and Rxs)

15 minutes
Step 3
Step 3. Attend the appointment with a copy of your immunization records and your certificate of completion*. Be prepared to be immunized on the day of your Travel Clinic Appointment.

If you are going through Student Health Services, you can find more information on their Travel Health website. On this website, you will find vaccine information sheets. It is recommended to read the ones applicable to you before your appointment. 
15-45 minutes

* If you do not bring a copy for your immunizations records to your appointment, you will be asked to reschedule and fees will be applied.