Travel Consult- Recommended/Strongly Recommended

Travel Consult (shots & prescriptions ) Appointments - RECOMMENDED / STRONGLY RECOMMENDED

1. Students going to Botswana, Ghana, India, Sengegal, and South Africa are required to complete their health clearances at UCSB Student Health Services but may go to their own providers for their Travel Consults (shots and Rxs).

2. If you need a travel consult appointment, you may schedule one at UCSB Student Health Services, your private insurance provider, or a local travel clinic. Take action on this ASAP since the next available appointment may be weeks away.

3. It is critical to consider vaccine-preventable diseases that may be easily transmitted during travel, especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition. Also, if you will be traveling to a malaria-endemic region, you may need to take malaria prophylaxis, in addition to taking mosquito avoidance measures.

4. There is a Yellow Fever vaccine shortage.  Carefully review the information here.

5. Carefully review the UCSB EAP immunizations section of this site.

Travel Consult Appointment Requests at UCSB

PDF Instructions

1. Log on to

2. Click on Patient Portal Gateway

3. Enter your UCSB NET ID and Password

4. Click Messages on left hand side of the menu

5. Click New Message

6. Select Travel Consult (Shots & Rx)

7. Complete Travel Appointment Request form
    (Your appointment confirmation will be sent within 5 business days by secure message.)

Immunization records

1. You must bring a copy of your immunization records and your online travel course certificate of completion to your Travel Consult Appointment. If you do not bring a copy for your immunizations records to your appointment, you will be asked to reschedule and fees will be applied.

2. Be prepared to be immunized on the day of your Travel Consult Appointment.

Travel Consult related costs at UCSB Student Health Services

   Immunization price comparison list

Although the UCEAP student travel insurance does not cover the cost of most vaccinations, the exception is for Malaria Prophylaxis. UC has purchased a special insurance rider for UCEAP participants to be reimbursed the cost of Malaria Prophylaxis if it is prescribed by a doctor and filled, picked up, and paid for within the term of coverage (i.e. no more than 14 days before the official start-date of the UCEAP program).

   Yellow Fever vaccine shortage - Read ASAP if you need this for your UCEAP program.

   Insurance and related information

The travel consult and immunizations are covered by UC SHIP insurance.  GAP covers the travel consult only.  Students who have GAP or have waived the Student Health insurance will be charged for the immunizations.  They may request an itemized bililng statement to submit to the outside insurance carrier for consideration of reimbursement.