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Remembering Former UCEAP Director John Marcum

We are very sad to report the passing of John Marcum, former Associate Provost for International Academic Activities and University-wide Director of the UC Education Abroad Program, and College Provost, Academic Vice Chancellor and Professor Emeritus of Politics at UC Santa Cruz, September 12, 2013.

John led UCEAP from 1990 to 2007 and was the architect of a major expansion of UCEAP programs and activities including the establishment of the “Great Cities” programs in London, Rome and Paris as well as UC offices in London, Mexico City and Shanghai. Throughout his tenure, John grew and sustained UCEAP’s focus on academic excellence, reciprocal exchanges, immersion study abroad, and international UC engagement. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Global Gaucho Newsletter
You should have received your 2013 edition of the Global Gaucho last month. If you didn't, that probably means we don't have your current address. Please go here to give us your details. You can  view the Global Gaucho on our website.

New Griffiths Scholarship

The Griffiths Scholarship award was established to support UCSB students participating in EAP programs in Asia and India to honor the memory of George H. and Olive J. Griffiths, who had a long-standing interest in this region of the world. This award signifies the Griffiths Foundation's commitment to equip UCSB students with the knowledge, understanding, and skills for work and life in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world. To see the fourteen 2013-14 award recipients, go here.

UCSB EAP Student Received Prestigious Research Award

Gaucho Christopher Medeiros (UCSB, Global Studies) won a UCEAP research award and has been nominated for the national competition of the Forum on Education Abroad’s Undergraduate Research Awards, which presents the opportunity to be published in a special issue of Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad. Christopher participated in the UCEAP Field Research Program in Mexico. His legal ethnography of a small Tsotsil-speaking municipality tested the theory associated with “legal pluralism.

UCSB received a $76,950 grant from the Freeman Foundation to fund academic internships to students studying abroad in Asia. Thirteen UCSB students were awarded grants of $3,000 and $5,000 and are now studying and interning in Thailand and China.

New UCEAP Programs

UCEAP is constantly developing new program options. It makes you wish you were still a UCSB student!

  • Dominican Republic: Community Public Health, Santiago. Seven-week summer program of Spanish language and healthcare study.  Combines six weeks of in-class instruction and a health practicum with a week-long clinical rotation in a semi-rural clinic.
  • Jordan: Three new programs:

Arabic Language & Culture, Amman Learn both Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Jordanian Arabic in Amman.  Enjoy a homestay experience, or live in an apartment with other students.  Choose 2 elective courses from a wide selection taught by faculty at the Princess Sumaya University for Technology.

Advanced Arabic Language, Amman Take Advanced Modern Standard Arabic, Advanced Topics in Arabic Conversation, Arabic Writing and Research, and one subject course in literature, history, religion, media, or business communication. All subject courses are taught in Arabic.

Diplomacy & Policy Studies, Amman Learn Arabic while taking one core course, 2 language courses, and 2 elective courses in Amman.  Instructors with the Jordan Institute of Diplomacy teach the elective courses which include an internship at a local government agency or international organization.

  • Ireland: Quinn School of Business Internship, Univ. College Dublin A challenging internship opportunity in one of Europe’s most charismatic cities. Enhance your professional skills and learn to work in cross-cultural settings while enjoying the myriad attractions of beautiful Dublin.  
  •  Ireland:  Irish Parliament Internship, Institute of Public Administration Interested in enhancing your career in politics?  This highly focused internship program gives you the unique opportunity to experience Irish politics and culture from within its governing body, the Irish Parliament.

  • Morocco: Arabic Language and Culture, Rabat. Study at the Qalam Center and also take classes at Mohammed V University. Homestays are an integral part of this exciting new program, giving you a genuine, behind-the-scenes understanding of Moroccan life.
  • United Kingdom Sotheby's Institute of Art, London Learn how to combine a strong interest in the arts with scholarship and an understanding of the art market.  Enjoy privileged access behind-the-scenes to the international art world of auctions and much more.

"Have Faith"

"When Heidi originally told me that she wanted to study abroad in Ghana, I basically said ‘No way,’” stated Randal Graves when his daughter first raised the subject of going on the UC Education Abroad Program. Many parents have a similar reaction when first confronted with the thought of their child leaving UCSB for a term abroad.  “Like any transition in raising children, letting go was the biggest challenge,” said Traci Beaulieu whose twin daughters, Arielle and Nicole, studied in France and Spain. The good news is that EAP does a wonderful job of working with students to make sure they choose a program that fits them well, both academically and personally. With more than 300 program options in 40 countries around the world, there is something for everyone. Students remain registered at UCSB while studying abroad and receive UC academic credit and the financial aid for which they are eligible.  “Now that Heidi is back,” says Randal, “I can definitely speak to how life changing studying abroad was for her. She has a whole new confidence, and definitely a new appreciation for her home in the United States." Traci was also impressed by what Arielle and Nicole learned from their time abroad. “This opportunity ignited a true interest in learning about other cultures and perspectives. I was pleased that they were taking these new perspectives and applying them to their specific areas of study (Environmental Studies). The discussions and sharing of their experiences enriched and broadened our thinking as a family as well.” Be sure to encourage your sons and daughters to soar at UCSB and beyond by encouraging them to study abroad. It will be the highlight of their UC career and is a great way to discover new passions. Traci advises, “Have faith in your smart, capable student and embrace their experience with them!” 

Running into Gauchos on Machu Pichu!

“Go Gauchos!” That was the last thing I expected to hear as I climbed to the top of Machu Picchu in Peru. If it wasn’t for my UCSB Club Volleyball shirt, I probably would have gone un-noticed, but on the other half of the world, I found myself face-to-face with a UCSB grad. Given the circumstances, it seemed extremely unlikely that standing in the mist-shrouded Andes I would meet a former UCSB EAP participant. Yet, there I was, discussing my incredible Chilean study abroad experience with someone who had been through the same thing 15 years earlier. In that moment I realized that EAP generates more than just international opportunities, it establishes a global network of individuals that is incredibly strong. Yes, my abroad experience changed my life, but it also showed me that I am now part of something way bigger. I am connected with all those who have also studied abroad and it feels great to be able to call myself a true Global Gaucho!

Maya Martinez, EAP Chile, Global Studies major with a Spanish minor

Mystery EAP Painting

We received this beautiful hand-painted canvas from a group of Australia returnees many yers ago, but the history behind this work of art has been lost. It is now decorating our wall. We would love to find out the story behind this picture and connect with the artists. Who did it? When? Why? If you can help us solve this mystery, please send us an email!

20 Delicious Recipes Inspired by Study Abroad

College dorm room cooking recipes inspired by study abroad9/9/2013 by Emma Cramer on GoOverseas.com

As integral part of culture, food has the unique ability to bring people together, to teach people about one another, and to bridge gaps. Read more and get the recipes!

The UC Atlas of Global Inequity

The Atlas of Global Inequality explores aspects of inequality using online, downloadable maps and graphics. All materials can be reproduced without charge if they are attributed. Global inequality has grown dramatically over the last 300 years. At the end of the Twentieth Century global income inequality was greater than ever before. There is debate amongst academics, between street protestors and global institutions, and elsewhere, about whether inequality is rising or falling. This Atlas seeks to shed light on that debate and to broaden discussion to include aspects of inequality beyond income measures and beyond aggregated national statistics. The Atlas already includes sections on Health, Gender and Economic Crises. And it will be expanding in the future. Check it out here.

The 100,000 Strong Foundation encourages students of diverse backgrounds from across the country to learn Mandarin and study in China. The Foundation believes that its best ambassadors are the American students who have studied in China and learned about the Michelle MakChinese culture, language and people first hand. UCSB's Michelle Mak studied in Shanghai last year on EAP and is featured on the foundation's web site.100K Strong Foundation

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