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All Gaucho Reunion, April 24-27th -- Register Now!

EAP will be hosting an on-campus celebration to honor the 50th Anniversary of EAP in Spain on Friday, April 25. For more information please contact Sam Buck at 805.893.5116 or sam.buck@ucsb.edu

Be sure to register for the “Taste of UCSB” event on Saturday, April 26, 3:00-6:00pm.  EAP will have a booth there along with over three-dozen Gaucho chefs, brewers, caterers, and vintners coming together to bring you exquisite cuisine, live music and beverages. Please visit the All Gaucho Reunion website for more information.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Where are UC Students Studying Abroad?

Yes, Western Europe is still the most popular destination BUT East Asia is seeing a significant increase!



International Career Conference

We host a career workshop for our returned EAP students who come back to campus fired up about continuing their international experience beyond graduation. This month we had guest speakers covering the following topics: 

  • teaching English abroad
  • working abroad
  • volunteering abroad
  • attending graduate school abroad
  • getting an international fellowship (Fulbright, etc.)
  • working in the U.S. in an internationally-related field (work with international clients, travel abroad regularly, international NGO, international education, etc.)

If you have good international experience or advice to share with our Gauchos, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Chris Silverstein.

Egypt Program Suspended

Due to the continued unrest in Egypt, UCEAP has suspended indefinitely the UCEAP program in Cairo, Egypt. Alternative programs for our students include Israel, Jordan, Morocco, and Turkey.

Language Studies Abroad Lead to Great Careers at Home

Ramon Rodriguez was well-known in the UCSB EAP office. After returning from studying abroad in Italy, he worked in our office as a Peer Advisor. We were thrilled when he recently wrote us to update us on his current position:

“Denise and I are both Spanish language interpreters for the Santa Cruz Superior Court. We both attribute our language skill to having participated in EAP. I studied in Rome for a semester and Denise studied in Madrid for a year. She states that EAP ‘made her career’ because living in Spain led her to achieve full language dominance. After EAP, Denise attended the Monterey Institute for International Studies and received her Master's degree in translation and interpretation. I grew up bilingual and studying in Italy allowed me to learn a third language. I continue my Italian studies and participate in Italian conversation groups, read Italian newspapers daily, and communicate regularly with my Italian host mother. We both agree that EAP was one of the best life experiences thus far.”

Ramon and Denise, formerly EAP participants,
currently work as Superior Court language interpreters.

Devin in South Africa

My experience abroad, like most who take the leap away from home, was unforgettable. I traveled to Cape Town-South Africa, recently voted #1 in the world for best places to visit in 2014 by NYTimes.com.

The University of Cape Town is a top-flight institution that excels in all sectors of education. In my  history course, it was fascinating to study the early twentieth century from the perspective of a non-American source, a portion of history Americans do not frequently view, though no less important.

Though study did occupy some of my time, the work hard/play hard attitude of UC Santa Barbara was able to translate into a South African medium quite easily. The nightlife at Long Street reminded me of the crowded balconies of Bourbon St, New Orleans, and often in the mornings I would find myself surfing in Muizenberg.  I was also able to travel around the country often as rental cars are relatively cheap and buses are almost free, so traveling outside of my host institution was simple and easy.

I learned the most abroad while playing for the UCT soccer team. We traveled to different neighborhoods to play the local soccer teams, and this was how I got to experience the city that you cannot get as a tourist. Mostly we played teams from the least affluent areas of Cape Town. More than any other experience abroad, this taught me the culture of South Africa and its distinct history as a nation recently liberated from the Apartheid government.                                     

  -- Devin M., EAP South Africa    View Devin's photos and the rest of his story here.

Most Beautiful Countries in the World

Voters at RoughGuides say that #3 is New Zealand, #2 is Canada. To find out #1, go here. Hint: photo on right.

Fantastic Food Markets

Did you know that we now have a Farmer's Market on the UCSB campus every Wednesday from 11-3pm in parking lot 23 near the Faculty Club? We also imagine that you like to visit the local farmers' market when you travel abroad. See great photos of food markets around the world at this RoughGuides web page.

Thank you for whatever you can give to help enable UCSB students study abroad on EAP. The need for EAP scholarship funding continues to grow as education costs rise. Please donate now by clicking here.

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