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EAP Appreciation Lunch
It was standing room only at the UCSB EAP staff/faculty appreciation lunch on November 13th. Two of our peer advisors, Maya Chupkov and Eric Uslander, spoke from their hearts when explaining to the rapt audience how significant their time studying abroad was for them. To all the UCSB faculaty and staff who work so hard to support EAP and our students wishing to study abroad: THANK YOU!
New UCSB EAP Staff Member

She used to hang out on the Great Wall of China... she now hangs out at EAP! We are pleased to welcome Krista Riockholt, our new regional advisor for China, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Krista came to Santa Barbara from Amherst, NY after earning a master's degree in Higher Education Administration from the University at Buffalo. She studied abroad in London and Hong Kong.

International Education Week (IEW)

We enticed many students to stop by our internationally themed tables at the Arbor walkway during IEW (November 11-15) where we offered delicacies from each EAP region. We then had our fleet of returned students and EAP staff ready to answer questions and explain the process and benefits of study abroad. Students had fun answering "Where do you want to study abroad?" on our chalk board.

EAP Advising Best Practices

Many UCSB departments on campus are coming up with great ways to help advise their students about how they can study abroad in their major and still graduate on time if they plan properly. EAP staff have been invited to present in many classrooms and department info meetings. Some departments are getting more specific about which programs and even which courses are best for their students to take abroad. Your depatment's Major Advising Page (MAP) is where you get to put forth your study abroad advice to the students in your department. Please take a look at your department's MAP and contact Chris Silverstein for any updates or questions.

You also might want to let us film and post a video of you with your study abroad advice, as Eric, the undergrad advisor in Environmental Studies, did. Go here to see his video.

EAP Freeman Foundation Internships 

Students who study abroad in China, Japan, Korea and Thailand may intern abroad and receive a stipend of $3,000 or $5,000. Recipients will be placed in a wide range of offices, such as companies, NGOs, government offices, schools and public health facilities. Selected students will combine their internships with academics to allow them to be full-time students while getting some great international work experience.  Interested students must submit an EAP application AND the Freeman internship application. Go here for more info.

Student/Staff/Alumni Story All Rolled into One

Coincidently I was returning home to California through Düsseldorf, Germany from a two week family vacation in Italy.  Düsseldorf happens to be where my EAP "Buddy" Mona Offermanns currently lives and works, so of course I contacted Mona and arranged to reunite with her.  Mona and I have been in contact sporadically since we met in Santa Barbara in 2005 through the UCSB EAP Buddy program which unites EAP Returnees with Reciprocity students.  Mona showed my family and I around her neighborhood and brought us to restaurants to taste the local food and brews.  It was nice getting to know more about Mona's origins since we had shared many Californian experiences.  I truly cherish the international acquaintances that I have made through the Education Abroad Program which now have developed into lifelong friends!! Prost! (Cheers in German)  -- Diana Oropeza, EAP Chile 2004-05

Mona Offermanns, Diana's German "buddy" in the UCSB tee shirt (left) is shown with Diana Oropeza (right) during their recent reunion in Düsseldorf. Diana went on EAP as a UCSB undergrad and now works in the UCEAP systemwide office.

Becoming a Bilingual Global Citizen

Exhilarating, challenging and eye-opening are three of my favorite adjectives to use while describing my year abroad in the Spanish immersion program at the University of Barcelona. Diverse and never at rest, Barcelona is enriched with opportunities to explore the numerous cultures within Spain as well as a variety of ways to cheaply travel throughout the European continent; needless to say, the exhilaration only amplified with each cultural journey.

Scholastically, the transition between taking science classes in English to liberal arts in Spanish was at first a challenge. With a little work on my part and the amazing resources provided through EAP at my host university, by spring semester I was so well adapted that I ended up receiving my best GPA in college ever. Taking two upper-division psychology electives in Spanish provided a novel perspective toward interactive and applied learning.

I stumbled upon an amazing opportunity of shadowing the lead doctor and director of Maritime affairs at a prestigious clinic in the heart of Barcelona. I was able to spend 13 hours in direct contact with patients of all different backgrounds, translating and aiding as I soaked in the knowledge. These versatile experiences while gaining a profuse amount of Spanish medical vocabulary, all served my ultimate goal of reaching bilingualism and gaining a true global perspective.  -- Ashlee R., EAP Spain

"Have Faith"

"When Heidi originally told me that she wanted to study abroad in Ghana, I basically said ‘No way,’” stated Randal Graves when his daughter first raised the subject of going on the UC Education Abroad Program. Many parents have a similar reaction when first confronted with the thought of their child leaving UCSB for a term abroad.  “Like any transition in raising children, letting go was the biggest challenge,” said Traci Beaulieu whose twin daughters, Arielle and Nicole, studied in France and Spain. The good news is that EAP does a wonderful job of working with students to make sure they choose a program that fits them well, both academically and personally. With more than 300 program options in 40 countries around the world, there is something for everyone. Students remain registered at UCSB while studying abroad and receive UC academic credit and the financial aid for which they are eligible.  “Now that Heidi is back,” says Randal, “I can definitely speak to how life changing studying abroad was for her. She has a whole new confidence, and definitely a new appreciation for her home in the United States." Traci was also impressed by what Arielle and Nicole learned from their time abroad. “This opportunity ignited a true interest in learning about other cultures and perspectives. I was pleased that they were taking these new perspectives and applying them to their specific areas of study (Environmental Studies). The discussions and sharing of their experiences enriched and broadened our thinking as a family as well.” Be sure to encourage your sons and daughters to soar at UCSB and beyond by encouraging them to study abroad. It will be the highlight of their UC career and is a great way to discover new passions. Traci advises, “Have faith in your smart, capable student and embrace their experience with them!”

Renowned World Travel Expert to Speak in Santa Barbara

Get your ticket to hear Rick Steves speak at the Granada Theater on Monday, December 9. Steves believes that by traveling thoughtfully, we can take home the greatest souvenir: a broader perspective. This event is sponsored by UCSB Arts and Lectures.

The hottest job skill is...

By Annalyn Kurtz  @AnnalynKurtz October 30, 2013

What is it? Fluency in a foreign language.
Translators and interpreters are expected to be one of the 15 fastest growing occupations in the nation, according to the Department of Labor.
Roughly 25,000 jobs are expected to open up for interpreters (who focus on spoken language) and translators (who focus on written language), between 2010 and 2020, the Department of Labor estimates. That represents 42% growth for the field and does not include the military, which is also recruiting ferociously for more people. Read more.

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