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NEW UCSB EAP Scholarships - March 5 Deadline:

EAP students are urged to apply for the NEW UCSB EAP Scholarships!  Submit application and supporting documents to our 2431 South Hall office by 6pm on March 5.

Congratulations to the following UCSB faculty on their EAP appointments!

FACULTY DIRECTOR:  Miriam Wattles, UCSB, History of Art & Architecture, Japan Study Center Director for 2013-15.

VISITING PROFESSOR:   Paul Spickard, UCSB, History, Visiting Professor at International Christian University in Japan in fall, 2014, as part of a special program commemorating ICU's 60th Anniversary and the 50th Anniversary of the UC-ICU Exchange Program.

Your Input Welcome!

We are all working together to provide the best educational opportunities we can to our UCSB students. Please let us know what we can do to improve EAP's role. We welcome input on our program offerings, application process, information flow, web site -- you name it, we want to hear about it. You can email your comments to Chris Silverstein and she will make sure it gets to the right person. Thank you for helping us continue to improve!

India is Fascinating All Year Round

“Studying in India changed my whole worldview and allowed me the opportunity to experience Eastern traditions as I traveled with Buddhist nuns to the places the Buddha lived and taught. I learned yoga and meditation at Delhi University and studied the Bhagavad-Gita with Hindu swamis. I have a better idea now of what it means to live. I am so thankful for the opportunity to study Indian philosophy and live in Delhi—not to mention that the food is delicious!”
— Lauren, EAP India

UCEAP offers three different study abroad programs in India, at four different universities: the University of Hyderabad option takes place in fall, and offers a specific emphasis on South Indian history, culture and language; UC Explores New Delhi examines contemporary India in the fall and spring and offers additional courses through Jawaharlal Nehru University and Delhi University’s Kamala Nehru College; and a Contemporary India Internship or Research option at Fergusson College in Pune over the summer.

Alex's Educational Adventure in Thailand!

Bangkok never stops. From exploring exotic food stands to navigating ancient temples, Bangkok has it all. It is a city with no limits; the different culture, people, and cool-hearted attitude allowed my immersion in a culture I never knew existed. The adventure was ubiquitous with weekend travels to fire-dancing islands with stimulating learning in an environment unlike that of UCSB.

Taking classes with Thai students took me outside my learning boundaries and allowed for discussions unlike I had ever had. At Thammasat University, the second most prestigious University in Thailand, I had the opportunity to learn the ancient techniques of Thai traditional medicine, a natural self-healing course. A school field trip to the Myanmar-Thai border allowed me to observe the way of life in a remote tribal village. Forming a strong bond with the culture of Thailand and seeing the poverty of this country, I knew I had to give back to my host country.

Teaching Thai children was an experience that gave back as much to me as it I did to the children. I was always greeted with the enthusiastic welcoming and thankfulness of these children, “goooood moor-ning teach-ah.” These diverse experiences, from exotic travels across South-East Asia to the inspiring courses taught by the most intelligent professors in Thailand, led to a constructive shift in my life goals and future career desires.  -- Alex M., EAP Thailand, Fall 2012

UCEAP offers summer, fall, spring and year programs at Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand. Go for the summer...stay the year!

Monika Popp
Program Officer, UCEAP London Study Center

"Monika was always available. She made multiple visits to the university to check and answer any questions we had and was always quick to answer emails and calls. She was a great help when I was getting ready to leave for home and I truly enjoyed chatting with her. She knows the programs front and back and was always able to help. It was obvious that she truly loved and cared for this job!" - Rachel A.

For the past three years, Monika Popp has worked as the Program Officer for the EAP London program. Monika initially meets students through their applications and then becomes further acquainted with them upon their arrival. She enjoys this gradual process of getting to know the students, especially helping them learn to function in a new environment. It’s always a welcome sight to see them leave academically and personally accomplished. Monika maintains that the UK is the perfect place for students to immerse themselves in a new environment as London is a gateway to explore cultural differences and similarities.

London is a very big, diverse and bustling city. This year, London is even more in the spotlight because of the Summer Olympic Games. The cultural, economic, political and historical significance and influence of London is substantial and is visible almost everywhere in the city center which is a wonderful place for students to explore. Monika’s favorite place in London is little known to tourists. St. Katharine Docks is a hidden treasure just a few steps away from the famous Tower of London. Today’s exclusive marina is reminiscent of the nearly forgotten history of London as a port. In the middle of this area is an old tavern, the Dickens Inn, where the host university staff and EAP students have Thanksgiving dinner.

London’s diversity means you can find practically every type of cuisine. Apart from the regular London staple of fish and chips or curry, Monika’s favorite food is the Polish specialty: pierogi (dumplings with fillings). Often students come back to visit London, dropping by the EAP study center, which enables Monika to stay in touch with former students.

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