Final grades & course registration

EAP Final Grades:

UCEAP grades become a part of your academic record at UCSB and appear on your official UCSB transcript.  The course title, number and units for the grade will reflect what is listed on your MyEAP Study List.  The reporting and posting of grades for courses taken abroad will take a minimum of 90 days from your program end date for your grades to show up onto your UCSB transcript.  It is not possible to ask for early grades.  If you have an urgent need to have grades posted immediately (i.e. applying to graduate school, law school, etc.) contact us and we will write a letter for graduate schools or jobs verifying that you participated on UCEAP and explaining that grades take time to arrive.  It is your responsibility to determine if such a letter would be acceptable.

Since grades can take at least 90 days to appear onto your transcript, please be mindful of the following factors that might affect you.

-         You can only petition for major/minor/GE credits after your grades appear onto your transcript.
-          For graduating students, refer to the “graduating seniors” section of this site.

Note: If your grades are not reported to the UCSB Registrar’s Office in sufficient time for you to be included on the list of candidates for the desired term, you must file a new petition for the following term.  Your name will NOT be automatically transferred to the following term.

Course registration for your return to UCSB:

Class standing

You will have the same pre-departure class standing until your UCEAP units/grades are posted. This means that your pass time will be based on your pre-departure class standing. For example:

You completed 75 units prior to leaving on a fall UCEAP program.  You take 25 units for the fall term.

When you register during the winter term for spring quarter classes, you will still be considered a sophomore (45-89.9 units) and will have a pass time that reflects your sophomore standing.  You will have junior standing only once your grades appear onto your transcript.

If you did not reach Senior status before departure and would like to take a course that’s only open to Seniors during the spring quarter after you returned to UCSB, EAP could provide a letter for you so you could request an add code to enroll in the course.  Please note that add codes are given out at the discretion of the academic department and NOT EAP.

Pre-requisites completed abroad
If you are using a course that you took on UCEAP to serve as a pre-requisite for a course you would like to take for a subsequent quarter at UCSB, this will not be possible until your grades are posted onto your transcript. For example:

You take an UCEAP course (during a fall EAP program) equivalent to Political Science 6 – Introduction to Comparative Politics.  This course is a pre-requisite for Political Science 147 – Third World Politics- a course you would like to take for the spring quarter at UCSB.   You notice that your UCEAP grades are not on your transcript at the time you're eligible to register for spring quarter classes.  This means that you technically did not fulfill the pre-requisite requirement of Political Science 6 and therefore will probably not be able to register for Political Science 147.  This requirement will be considered fulfilled only once Political Science 6 shows up onto your transcript. EAP could provide a letter for you so you could request an add code to enroll in the course.  However, please note that add codes are given out at the discretion of the academic department and NOT EAP.  EAP cannot guarantee that you will be allowed to register for the course.