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Dear Parents,

We believe that study abroad is the most powerful educational experience that students can have. Students who seek out the opportunities EAP offers them are the most intellectually curious, personally resourceful citizens of our university. They return from study abroad with a new sense of themselves and the world they inhabit. The consequences are immeasurable in their future lives and careers.

Founded in 1962, the Education Abroad Program is the University’s preferred way of providing an international dimension to students’ education. All of its programs have been formally approved by UC faculty and are overseen and regularly reviewed by them. We believe it is the most academically rigorous study-abroad program in the country.

While participating in EAP, UC students remain fully enrolled in the University; there is no need for them to be concerned with transferring out and reapplying to their home campus. And all courses are fully accepted as UC courses, and grades and units earned abroad will appear on their UC transcripts. (Students must, however, comply with the requirements of their college and major department and seek approval for courses they wish to apply to major and general education requirements.) With careful planning students can add a period of foreign study to their undergraduate experience without lengthening their time-to-degree.

Because they remain UC students, students pay the same UC fees as they do while studying at their home campus. All financial aid they currently receive accompanies them on EAP, and in fact financial aid packages can be recalculated if program expenses are greater. Students pay for their travel and living expenses abroad, which may differ from their living expenses at UCSB, but in general the cost of study abroad through EAP is comparable to the same period of study in Santa Barbara. Estimated program expenses are available in the program descriptions (available in brochures and on the systemwide website). Your student should be able to provide you with this figure and the breakdown of expenses in the program he or she chooses.

The safety of study abroad is no doubt of primary concern to you. EAP maintains a Study Center, sometimes several, in each of the countries where it has programs. Each Study Center is staffed by a UC faculty member or a liaison from the host university employed by EAP as well as by other trained personnel. The primary concern of the Study Center is the academic and personal well-being of the UC students in its charge. The Study Center will be the primary UC contact for your student while he or she is abroad.

Undergraduate students are, of course, legal adults and as such also responsible for their own safety. Orientation programs both at UCSB before departure and on their arrival at the Study Center abroad will include important information on personal safety. Students are required to do a health clearance as part of their preparation before departure; there they are briefed on health issues where they will be traveling. We encourage you to discuss safety issues with your student. And we strongly urge you to review the “Emergency Information ” page on the systemwide EAP website, where you will find a 24-hour emergency number (805 - 893-4762) and other emergency contacts.

For further information about EAP, we encourage you to explore this website and that of the systemwide office of EAP. Please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone (number below) or by email now and in the future if we can be of assistance to you or your student.

With all best wishes, 
The UCSB Campus Office of EAP
2431 South Hall
Tel: (805) 893-3763
FAX: (805) 893-4281