Gaucho Health Insurance for EAP Participants

The University of California requires all students (at UCSB and abroad) to have health insurance coverage that is compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  This regulation applies to students that remain at UCSB and those that study abroad with UCEAP.   Although students will have the UCEAP travel insurance while abroad, this coverage is not ACA compliant.  Students will need to either purchase the Gaucho Health Insurance (GHI) or submit a waiver with proof of comparable insurance coverage.  

The GHI premium will be automatically posted to all BARC accounts.  If students request a waiver that is approved, the premium will appear as both a debit and a credit on their next BARC statement.  

Topics covered below include

Gaucho Health Insurance reduced premium
Payment instructions
GHI waiver guidelines
GHI payments in BARC
Understanding your BARC fees

Gaucho Health Insurance reduced premium for 2017-18 EAP students

$179 per UCSB quarter (does NOT include dental or vision coverage)
Rates are estimates and subject to change.

The GHI premium will be charged for 2 quarters for EAP programs that begin and end in two different terms.

*Continuing UCSB students participating in programs that begin/end in the summer will not be charged since the GHI fee for the spring quarter provides coverage through the summer term.  New transfer students or students that were not enrolled at UCSB during the spring quarter will be charged the GHI fee.

Program begins Program ends #qtrs GHI charged Total Cost
Summer Summer 0* $0*
Summer/Fall quarter Fall quarter 1 $179
Fall quarter Winter quarter 2 $358
Summer/Fall quarter Spring quarter/Summer 3 $537
Winter quarter Winter quarter 1 $179
Winter quarter Spring quarter/Summer 2 $358
Spring quarter Spring quarter/Summer 1 $179

Payment Instructions
Although UCEAP fees will be posted to the MyEAP account, the GHI fee will be posted to BARC. 
Payment must be submitted to both places.

                  What    Where to pay                       When to pay       Total cost
     UCEAP program fees          MyEAP account            Program specific payment deadlines              Varies
                 GHI fee           BARC          By the deadline listed in BARC    $179 per quarter     

GHI Waiver Guidelines
If you have comparable insurance and do not want to keep GHI as dual coverage while on EAP, you must submit a request to waive GHI enrollment by the deadlines stated below.  If you already submitted a waiver to UCSB, it will be automatically reviewed for waiver eligibilty.  Refer to the Student Health Services website for waiver details.  If you waive out of GHI, you will NOT be billed the $179 per quarter.

     EAP program begins                    Waiver site opens        $50 late fee will be charged for waivers submitted between:
            Fall quarter         April 10, 2017 - September 14, 2017                         September 1, 2017 - September 14, 2017
         Winter quarter     November 1, 2017 - December 25, 2017                          December 1, 2017 - December 25, 2017
         Spring quarter        February 1, 2018- March 19, 2018                                March 1, 2018 - March 19, 2018

GHI-EAP Fee will appear in BARC
The GHI quarterly fee will post to the BARC account for each applicable UCSB term.  Although the quarterly fee will not appear until near the start of the quarter for which the GHI will be billed, payments can be made in advance and the students’ account will be credited accordingly.  It is strongly recommended that the entire balance of the BARC bill, including your GHI fee, be paid prior to leaving for EAP if possible. 

           GHI Fee for                 Fee will appear in BARC          Payment deadline           Total cost per quarter
        Fall quarter                          TBD                 TBD                    $179
      Winter quarter                          TBD                 TBD                    $179
      Spring quarter                          TBD                 TBD                    $179

GHI-EAP Fee vs Other Fees in BARC
The GHI-EAP fee may be only one of several fees awaiting payment in the students’ BARC account.

Students who obtained their EAP health clearances on-campus will have the fee for this service posted on BARC in addition to other possible charges such as lab fees.  It is the students’ responsibility to make sure the balances on their BARC accounts are paid on time.  Unpaid balances will result in possible registration blocks on GOLD.

$179 GHI-EAP Fee (EAP fall 2017 program)
  $50 EAP online health clearance fee (EAP fall 2017 program)
$100  Lab fee for Biology course (UCSB summer sessions 2017 course - not EAP course)
$329 Total BARC Balance


If you make only a payment of $179, this will credit your overall balance and NOT specifically
the $179 for the GHI-EAP Fee.

Payment Instructions
Although UCEAP fees will be posted to the MyEAP account, the GHI fee will be posted to BARC. 
Payment must be submitted to both places.

                  What              Where to pay                         When to pay         Total cost
   UCEAP program fees           MyEAP account      Program specific payment deadlines           Varies
            GHI fee                 BARC          By the deadline listed in BARC   $179 per quarter


A. Students NOT on Financial Aid

1.       Pay UCEAP programs fees on MyEAP account.
2.       Pay GHI-EAP fee(s) on BARC account.

B. Students on Financial Aid

1.       Defer first payment for UCEAP program fees on MyEAP account.
2.       Pay outstanding balance by 2nd and/or 3rd payment due date, if any.
3.       Pay GHI-EAP fee(s) on BARC account by deadline.

Financial aid packages will NOT automatically credit your BARC account.

Financial aid will be applied ONLY to the students’ balance in MyEAP and will NOT credit BARC. 
Financial aid packages will be created based on the EAP program option and the GHI-EAP fee.  Once accepted by the students, the packages will be sent directly by the UCSB Financial Aid Office to UCEAP.   

UCEAP disbursements cannot automatically pay for the GHI-EAP fee

Disbursements will be sent directly to students and NOT to BARC. Students will need to pay out-of-pocket for the GHI-EAP fee on BARC and may reimburse themselves with the UCEAP disbursements they will receive.  Students are responsible for allocating AND saving part of their disbursement(s) for this fee. 
Students relying on disbursements from UCEAP to pay for the GHI-EAP fee must remember that funds will be disbursed at the earliest 10 days prior to the UCEAP program start date.  For long term programs, the total amount will be disbursed in 2-3 payments throughout the length of the program.  Students are strongly encouraged to sign-up for the MyEAP e-refund option.  

Payment instructions

When and how to pay the GHI-EAP fee in BARC.

Since you may be abroad during the payment deadlines, you may pay by credit card, e-check or hard copy check.

If possible, pay off your entire BARC bill prior to leaving the U.S. and if needed before the GHI-EAP fee is posted onto your account. 
Payments made will be credited to your account once the GHI-EAP fee appears for the appropriate UCSB quarter.  For example, Yearlong EAP students may pay $537 to BARC during the summer to cover the GHI-EAP fees for fall, winter and spring quarters.  

Questions?  Please contact the office listed below.

Financial aid questions – UCSB Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships
Gaucho Health Insurance fee and waiver questions – Student Health Services
Making payments for GHI – BARC
Making payments for UCEAP –  UCSB EAP regional advisor