Online Finance Workshop

Finance Workshop components (for 2019-20 participants)
You will learn about the payment process, how to budget, payment deadlines, disbursements, and other important information. Review the appropriate section based on your financial aid status.

UC SHIP Health Insurance for EAP 
If applicable, you must make your UC SHIP payments to BARC and NOT on your MyEAP finance account.  You will continue to pay for the UCEAP fees on your MyEAP account.  Please review the UC SHIP information for EAP participants.

FINANCIAL AID STUDENTS (including grants, scholarships AND loans)

*Correction to the information stated in the video: The current UCSB EAP Financial Aid Advisor is Nancy Eyrie -; (805) 893-2386

  1. The online workshop (for 2019-20 participants)
  2. UCSB Financial Aid website for EAP students
  3. The UCSB EAP Finance Video  :  for 2019-20 participants (link to entire video)
    View by topic (click on the links belows)
    Disbursements / eRefunds

    MyEAP financial account

    Veteran's fee waiver

    Making payments

    Withdrawal fee & other fees    

Non-financial Aid Students:

  1. The online workshop (for 2019-20 participants)
  2. The UCSB EAP Finance Video (for 2019-20 participants) (link to entire video)
    View by topic (click on the links below)

    Need a student loan?

    MyEAP financial account

    Program budget worksheet  
    Making payments

    Withdrawal fee/other fees

    Veteran's fee waiver

    Blocks on your GOLD acct.
    Your contact information

    3rd party authorization & Power of Attorney

    STA Travel Airfare deposit program

    Resources & contacts