Making the Most of Your EAP Experience

We offer a number of workshops to help students prepare for studying abroad. Feel free to attend as many as you would like. Upcoming meetings can be found on our events page

Career Development Opportunities on EAP - TBD
Learn about job, internship, and volunteer opportunities while abroad, as well as tips for how to bring the experience back with you for future use on resumes, etc.

EAP Health & Safety - TBD
Come to this meeting to learn about maintaining physical and mental health while abroad, as well as some basic personal safety dos and don'ts.

Health Clearance Info Meeting - TBD
This session will cover the health clearances (required for all EAP students). It will guide you through the process and help you know what steps need to be taken in order to get fully cleared, either by student health or a private doctor.

STA Travel Workshop - TBD
Learn how to purchase your plane ticket for EAP.  A representative from STA Travel will guide you through the process and answer your questions.

Culture & Identity - TBD
Prepare yourself for immersion into another culture and meet other students preparing to study abroad at this interactive, discussion-based workshop. If you'd like to read more about cultural adjustment, check out What's Up With Culture?

Tips for Academic Success - TBD
Confused and intimidated about taking classes abroad? This workshop can help ease your anxiety and help you plan the classes you will take abroad. Note: You do NOT sign up for classes at this time.

EAP Housing Info Meeting - TBD
Stressed about subleasing? Haunted by apartment hunting? We can help. Learn about finding housing abroad and how to handle your UCSB housing upon return.