Welcome back to UCSB!

We hope you enjoyed your UCEAP experience!  Now that you’re back, there are many ways for you to stay involved with EAP.  Check out the need-to-know information below for a successful transition back to campus and for ways to remain connected with your time abroad.

As EAP returnees, you now have the opportunity to distinguish
yourselves at graduation and make your international experience visible.

You can now purchase country-specific graduation sashes through the EAP
office! This is something that we offer every year so if you are not graduating this year you can wait until that time to place your order.

 For examples of these beautiful sashes please visit the website.

We receive a bulk order discount so the cost to EAP students if ordered through our office is

One country $30.98

Two countries $ 42.46

Three countries $53.93

Each sash arrives in a gift box. 

If ordered independently, it would start at $31.95 (for one country sash) each plus shipping and tax

If you are interested in purchasing a graduation sash please fill out
the form below and bring it and your check payable to UC Regents to the
UCSB EAP office no later than April 27, 2018 @ 2pm.

If you have any questions, email us at: