Global Intern Certificate Program

The intern program provides our dedicated returned students with the opportunity to continue their involvement with UCSB EAP.  You will be able to share your study abroad expertise with advisors, students and anyone interested in studying abroad.  From this experience, you will serve as a vital contact for future UCEAP students and will be able to incorporate this into your résumé!

Note: Some details of the program will be changed for the 2017-18 year.  Program requirements for previous years are listed below for your reference only.  In early September, UCSB EAP returnees will receive an email with the new program updates and instruction on how to sign-up for the program.

 What do I need to do for this program
Completing the program is simple, fun, and flexible according to your schedule.  We will ask that you serve as a resource for our students who may have questions via email or in person about specific UCEAP options.  Your duties will include:

  • Hold regular office hours in the UCSB EAP Office and table for 1-3  hours/week - there will be a strict attendance policy.  Instead of coming into the office every week, you will be required to table on alternating weeks.
  • Become involved in areas such as:
    • Recruitment
    • Technical
    • Reciprocal exchange students / EAP Club
    • Pre-departure
  • Table around campus as needed 
  • Complete the following (subject to change):
    • Student Review of your program
    • Give/organize a presentation to your major department
    • Other items may be added 
  • Complete 3 of the following (subject to change) to assist at:
    • Pre-departure orientations
    • Pre-departure orientation make-up
    • Informational meetings
    • Applicant selection interviews
    • Other items may be added
  • Complete 2 of the following (subject to change):
    • Attend the EAP Returnee Career Workshop
    • Submit an entry to the EAP Photo Contest
    • Other items may be added

What are the benefits of this program?

  • Résumé booster, especially if you are interested in the international education field and a community in EAP!
  • Once you have completed the program, use UCSB EAP as a reference
  • Serve as an expert for your program
  • Obtain a UCSB EAP Global Intern Certificate once you have completed the program

How to enroll in the program?
Complete Part 1-3 on the following webform by Wednesday, Oct. 4th at 5pm:


Feel free to contact Genesis Herrera.