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Review the Life After UCSB packet materials. 

This packet contains

  • Work/intern abroad information
  • US-based international careers
  • Teaching English abroad
  • Job search portfolio
  • Informational interviews

If you're interested in going abroad again, you may be interested in one of these opportunities listed below. It is your responsibility to view the program's website to determine the application deadlines.Please note that some programs, especially the government sponsored programs, are competitive and have application deadlines as early as October.

U.S. Government Sponsored Programs
Critical Language Scholarship Program


Fulbright Scholars Program


Peace Corps Various  
 U.S. Department of State Student Programs    
Betty and David Jones Language Scholarships U.S. Must be admitted to the Monterey Institute of International Studies (graduate program)
Blakemore Foundation Asia  
Council of American Ambassadors (CAA) International Affairs Fellowship Summer internship, must be the summer between your junior and senior year  
Erasmas Mundus Program Master's degree program in Europe  
Kathryn Davis Fellowships for Peace


Must be admitted to the Monterey Institute of International Studies (graduate program)
Teaching English Programs
National Volunteer Center for English Opens Doors Chile Teach in Chile-sponsored by the Chilean government
Teaching Assistant Program in France France Teach English in France- sponsored by the French government
Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (JET) Japan Teach in Japan-sponsored by the Japanese government
Teach & Learn in Korea (TALK) Korea Teach English in Korea- sponsored by the Korean government
North American Language & Culture Assistants Spain Teach English in Spain - sponsored by the Spanish government
Fulbright English Teaching Assistants Various Teach English - sponsored by the U.S. government
WorldTeach Various  
Working Holiday Visas
Australia Working Holiday Visas


Ireland-Working Holiday Visas Ireland  
New Zealand Working Holiday Visas New Zealand  
Singapore Work Holiday Pass Singapore  

Working Abroad

Visit the UCSB Career Services to learn more about domestic and international positions.  Opportunities that EAP returnees often research include Teach for America and the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (JET).

The most common types of work abroad for students or recent graduates are:   1. Short term work arranged through a third party, 2. Interships (unpaid), 3. Volunteer work and 4. Teaching English

Popular short term assignments can be found through BUNAC or CIEE which usually require that you pay a fee. Typical types of short-term paid work abroad include restaurant work, temping, childcare (au pair), farm work, though determined students do find work of a professional nature. 

Although you may work abroad through an agency like BUNAC, the cheapest option may be for you to obtain your own work visa for countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. See the Career Workshop Packet for details.

Long term, career positions abroad are very difficult to get at the entry level.  If you are looking to further your career and gain specific skills, consider an unpaid internship or a short term assignment.

There are many resources for finding work abroad. Here is one of our favorites:

Goin Global
Access this FREE resource through the UCSB Career Services website.  Search the job board for international internship and career opportunities.