Volunteering/Staying Connected

Volunteering/Staying Connected 

Your EAP experience doesn't have to end just because you're back at UCSB!  Returnees like you are our greatest resources for helping prospective students and new international students that just arrived on-campus.  Another way to remain connected is to attend EAP related events that may be of interest to you.

Inspire others to study abroad!  Here are just some of the things you can get involved in:


Interested in speaking to prospective EAP students or becoming an EAP LIsaison?

Please update your contact information here.   Advisors want to personally invite you to speak with other students but will need to know how to connect with you!   By completing the form, you will let us know if you want to:

1) Speak with students at informational meetings, pre-departure orientations, and events.  You will quickly learn that any information you share will be greatly appreciated by future EAPers.  And, let us know if we can capture your awesome experience on video!

2) Become an EAP Liaison with your major department or student organization.  As a representative, you will share your study abroad experience through conversations and presentations that you will organize in conjunction with the EAP staff.

Join the UCSB EAP Global Intern Program

If you’re looking for a formalized position with required weekly hours, join this program that allows you to keep connected with EAP.

Inquiring minds what to know!  Future EAP students want to know if you enjoyed your courses, housing, host country, and other program details.

Fun events

Welcome Back Reception (beginning of fall and winter quarters)

Chat with other UCSB EAP returnees and meet the NEW exchange students at this popular event.  There’s always FREE food!

Returnee Workshop
Re-entry shock and tips for adjusting to life back at UCSB will be discussed at this interactive workshop.  Tips on how to emphasize and articulate your UCEAP experience in professional settings will also be covered.

International Student Association (ISA)

Date: Every Friday; Time: 4-5pm

Join this group to meet other UCSB and international students. 

EAP Club

Date: TBD

Interested in getting together with others who have shared similar experiences abroad?  Want to meet like-minded students that wish to promote to study abroad?  This is the club for YOU!

Career Conference (winter quarter)

Come and learn how you can continue your international experience after your graduating!  Hear from guest speakers who have successfully lived, studied, and worked abroad.  The conference may include the following sessions:

Alumni Panel | International Careers in the United States | Graduate School & Research Abroad | Teaching English Abroad | Resume, Cover Letter, Interview and Networking workshop

Other events and activities are added throughout the year and will be advertised via email.