My impression of the Shanghai financial district

Academic Term Abroad: 
Spring 2013

As I wandered around the financial district, the ticker for the Shanghai Stock Exchange clicked upwards in cheerful green. The sound of the closing bell rang off, and I was immediately swarmed by a crowd of bankers, hustling to catch up on their daily rituals after an intense day of trading. I look up, but the amount of sheer infrastructure overshadowed the night sky. China is a magnificent country, a cauldron of the ancient and the new world that ceases to relent on its path towards globalization and advancement. I felt so insignificant compared to these men and women I idolized as the engineers of a grand economic system. Bankers encapsulated so many of the values I respect – the tenacity to earn and the diligence to stay grounded in a world of risky investments and controversial misgivings of any financial system. Studying abroad in the mecca of international business reinforced my desire to pursue a career in finance, moreover it created a daily obsession of following the global financial markets.