Student Directions

The links on this page will require you to agree to UCSB EAPs Terms and Conditions prior to submitting content each day. Simply press a link and you will be redirected to a Terms and Conditions page if you have not already agreed to for the current calendar date.

Complete your Pre-departure Orientation

If you are in the pre-departure phase, you can complete the pre-departure orientation now. After you’re abroad, you can submit photos, videos, or blog entries from this section of the website.

If you are currently abroad or returned, you may submit photos, videos, blog entries, or student reviews below.

Submit a Review of your EAP Program

We encourage you to give a student review of your EAP program.  Tell future EAP students about your experience abroad!  Your responses will remain anonymous and will be added to the Student Views section of this website.

Please Take a Few Minutes to Review the Topics Below. If you already started the review process but needed to stop partway through, you can pick up where you left off by going directly to your next review topic:

Submit a Blog Post while Abroad

You can create your own blog on our website or you can link your blog from an external site (Blogger/Wordpress) by Completing the blog submission form.
Submit a Student Story

Want to tell everyone about your EAP experience? Feel free to write about something specific or general. Topics to consider: courses, internships, volunteer positions, student activities, meeting the locals, learning a new language, something fun that you did, etc. Your story could be as short or as long as you'd like! Please check back later to submit student stories.

Submit your Photos

Share your EAP photos with other students! Upload your photos here. If you would like to enter the photo contest, please upload your photos on the EAP Photo Contest page.

Stay Involved with EAP

If you would like to participate in EAP events and share your experiences abroad with interested prospective students please complete the returnee form.