Financial concerns should not prevent you from pursuing your dream to study abroad. Because EAP is closely integrated into the academic structure of the University of California, your Financial Aid funds apply to it. You may also be eligible for scholarships. Financing EAP may seem daunting, but the links below and can help you better understand how to handle it.

Cost : Understand the value of EAP and  program budget estimates.
Financial aid: How does financial aid work with EAP?
Scholarships/Grants: Learn about UCEAP and national scholarships and grants.
Payments: Understand how and when EAP payments will be made.
Frequently Asked Questions
Power of Attorney: Designate someone to act on your behalf on financial matters in the U.S. while you are abroad. It is recommended that you complete this form.
Contacts: The Universitywide EAP Office (UCEAP) handles all financial matters related to your EAP program. Find out whom you should contact with questions about your EAP account. 
UCEAP Participants Information Site: Go to this website if you're interested in looking at cost estimates for this year's programs. If you've already been selected for EAP, go to this site for your program budget.