Financial concerns should not prevent you from pursuing your dream to study abroad. Because UCEAP is closely integrated into the academic structure of the University of California, your Financial Aid applies to it. You may also be eligible for scholarships. 

“My parents and I were worried that my finances wouldn't allow me to study abroad. However, after going to an EAP finance meeting and talking to the EAP financial aid liaison, I learned that all of my financial aid from UCSB will apply to my study abroad trip, thus allowing me to be able to afford the program. In addition, I applied and received a UCEAP scholarship, known as the Griffiths scholarship, in order to help pay for my necessities. These resources played a major role in making my study abroad trip become a reality.” – Charlene J., UCSB EAP Korea 

Financing UCEAP may seem daunting, but the links below and menu on the left and can help you better understand how to handle it.

Costs & Payments: Understand your Program Budget and Payment Schedule.
6 Tips to choose a budget-friendly program.
Financial aid: How does financial aid work on UCEAP?
Scholarships: Apply for these scholarships and grants, and get essay assistance.
Power of Attorney: Designate someone to act on your behalf on financial matters in the U.S. while you are abroad.
Frequently Asked Questions
Contacts: Who to contact with financial questions.

Participating in UCEAP is an investment in your future!

Studying abroad provides you with skills, experiences, and knowledge that you cannot obtain by staying at UCSB or in Isla Vista. Set yourself apart from your peers. Surveys have shown that employers value applicants who have studied abroad. In today's global society, show your future employer that you:
  • Have real-world experience interacting with people from another country and culture
  • Can problem-solve, adapt and thrive in unfamiliar situations
  • Interned / conducted research / volunteered abroad
  • Are proficient in a foreign language
In addition to career prospects, imagine all that you will experience on UCEAP!  You could:
  • Experience a culture and visit historical landmarks you've only read about textbooks
  • Gain hands-on research experience in a lab, tropical rainforest, the Great Barrier Reef, and more
  • Obtain a global view of the world that will help you think critically about international affairs and see your field of study from a new perspective
  • Make friends from around the world
Take advantage of UCEAP!