Payments and Fees

Where can I find my payment deadlines?

You can find payment deadlines in your UCEAP Portal.

How do I make a payment? 

You can find instructions on how to make a payment in the "Finances - Fees and Payments" section of your UCEAP Portal.

How much does my program cost and what's included?

Visit the Cost page for details.

Do I pay for my UCEAP program in BARC?

No.  You will make your program payments in the UCEAP Portal.  Payments for UCSHIP, if applicable, will continue to be made in BARC.

How can I manage my finances when I am abroad?

If you want to designate someone who can discuss your financial matters with UCEAP and make payments on your behalf (e.g. parents/guardians), complete the Third Party Authorization Form found under the "Predeparture - Requirements" section of your UCEAP Portal.

Are there extended payment plans?

Yes!  Contact your UCEAP Finance Accountant for details.

Do the UCEAP program costs include the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) - EAP Fee?

No, the UCEAP program costs do not include your UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) - EAP fee, which is mandatory for all UCSB EAP students who participate in fall, winter, spring, or year-long programs.  New transfer students or students who were not enrolled at UCSB during the spring quarter will be charged the UC SHIP fee for programs that begin and end in the summer.  Students who submit an approved UC SHIP waiver request do NOT need to pay this additional cost.  Unlike other UCEAP fees, you will need to pay this fee through BARC.  Learn more here.

Scholarships and Benefits

What if I can't afford my UCEAP program without a study abroad scholarship?

Scholarships are not guaranteed so you must determine if you can afford your program without one.  Scholarship award notification timelines vary and can occur after your program's withdrawal deadline.  This means that if you need to withdraw after this deadline because you did not receive a scholarship, you will be subject to your program's predeparture withdrawal fees.

I am a Promise Scholar.  Can I use my Promise Scholarship on UCEAP?

Yes.  The scholarship will be included in your financial aid award letter and will automatically be sent to UCEAP.

Will my Regents Scholarship apply towards UCEAP?

Yes.  This scholarship will be included in your financial aid award letter and will automatically be sent to UCEAP.  However, if you choose not to file the FAFSA, please contact the UCSB Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to alert them so they can send your Regents Scholarship to UCEAP for processing.

Can I use my veteran benefits on UCEAP?

Federal Veteran's Chapter benefits cannot be used on UCEAP.  However, you may be eligible to use your CalVet benefits.  Benefits vary by student so please contact the VA Certifying Official in the UCSB Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships for confirmation of benefits for your UCEAP program.  You can reach them at veteransbenefits@sa.ucsb.edu or 805-893-8905.

What if I receive an outside scholarship?  How will that apply to my UCEAP finance account?

If you receive a scholarship that requires you to pick up a paper check from BARC, this check will be mailed to your permanent address on file while you are abroad.  If the check is payable to the University, it will be forwarded to your UCEAP finance account.


What if I need to withdraw from the program because I cannot afford the cost?

You should speak with your UCSB EAP Regional Advisor and the UCSB EAP Financial Aid Advisor to determine if you might be eligible for any additional funding.  You must alert your UCSB EAP Regional Advisor in writing (email is acceptable) if you wish to withdraw from your program.  Be sure to do this prior to your program's predeparture withdrawal deadline as it can be costly to do so afterwards.