Costs & Payments

Your UCEAP Program Budget and Payment Schedule is found on your program’s UCEAP Participants page under the “Money Matters” tab. This shows the breakdown of the estimated costs and living expenses as well as payment details. If the budget for your study abroad term is not available yet, refer to the previous year's budget for reference only.  

Refer to the UCEAP Guide to Study Abroad: Money Matters for detailed information about:

  • Your UCEAP Account through MyEAP
  • Program Budget and cost breakdown
  • Payments
  • Financial Aid
  • Fees & Penalties
  • Banking
  • UCEAP Student Finance Accountant Contacts

Special note about UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP/Anthem)

UCEAP program costs do not include the $ $239.33  per quarter UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP/Anthem) EAP fee, which is mandatory for all UCSB EAP students that participate in fall, spring, or year-long programs. Students who submit an approved UC SHIP waiver request do NOT need to pay this additional cost. Unlike your other UCEAP fees, you will need to pay this fee through BARC. Learn more here.


  • If you want to designate someone who can discuss your financial matters with UCEAP and make payments on your behalf (e.g., parents), complete the electronic Third Party Authorizations form located in your MyEAP account on the left menu.
  • Financial Aid recipients DO NOT need to submit the first UCEAP payment of $950. It will automatically be deferred to the second payment. 
  • Some payments, such as housing or airfare, may be due before your financial aid is disbursed. In this situation you are required to pay up front and may be reimbursed when you receive your financial aid disbursement. 
  • Cost estimates do not include Non Resident Fees. If you are subject to out-of-state tuition at your UC campus, you will pay Non Resident Fees on UCEAP (except for Summer programs).