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UCSB EAP partners with the University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) to provide students with study abroad options in 40+ countries. 

Program-specific details such as eligibility requirements, program dates, available coursework and program costs vary and can be found on the program pages of the UCEAP website.  

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Eligibility Requirements

From the "Program Details", check the "Dates and Eligibility" section 

Cumulative and Language GPAs
Must be met at the time of application and maintained through departure

Class Level
Must be met by departure

Language & Course Prerequisites
Must be met by departure

Program Lengths

UCEAP offers year, semester, quarter and summer programs.  Most programs are based on the semester system.  Be sure to check the "Dates and Eligibility" section of the UCEAP program pages to determine which UCSB quarters you will be abroad. 

For example, some fall programs require you to be abroad during fall and winter quarters and most spring programs require you to be abroad during winter and spring quarters.

Summer vs. Semester

Experience Types .

UCEAP Study Abroad Experience Types

Study at a local university and choose from a wide variety of subjects and courses found in the host university course catalog.  Take classes with local and other international students.  Courses may be taught in English or a foreign language.  Search for these types of programs here.

Choose from a limited list of courses at a local university.  Attend classes with students from around the world.  Cultural activities and excursions are often included in these programs.  Many of these programs are offered in the summer.  Search for these types of programs here.

Gain professional experience abroad.  Pursue a required internship that's built into your program.  Search for these types of programs here.  Or choose a program that allows you to add an optional internship to your academic course load.  If there is an "Internships" section on your UCEAP program page, it denotes that it is possible. 

Focus primarily on foreign language and cultural studies.  Choose from a wide variety of levels and languages that include Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, or Spanish.  Search for these types of programs here.

Concentrate primarily on courses for a specific major.  Search for these types of programs here.  Note: Immersion programs also offer opportunities for you to focus on your major.

Learn about a specific topic from multiple perspectives and locations.  Choose from a limited number of courses.  Take courses with UC students in a structured environment.  Search for these types of programs here.

Gain research experience abroad.  Conduct a research project that's built into your program.  Search for these types of programs here.  Or add an optional research project to your academic course load.  Review the "Academics" section of your UCEAP program page or consult your UCSB EAP Regional Advisor to see if this is possible on your program.  

Focus on a specific topic.  Choose from a limited number of courses curated to the program's theme.  Search for these types of programs here.

UC Curriculum
Live and study with other UC students.  These programs are specially designed for UC students and often revolve around a certain theme.  Choose from a limited number of courses. These programs are not physically located at a foreign university.  Search for these types of program here.

Country or Area, Program and Cost Comparison Sheets

View these helpful guides for a quick way to compare program options within a country or area.

For important information and updates on UCEAP programming, visit the UCEAP Important Alerts page.