"Bringing UCSB to the world and the world to UCSB"

The UCSB Education Abroad Program (UCSB EAP) provides students with the opportunity to study abroad during their time at UCSB, and encourages them to take advantage of the programs offered through the University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP).  Located in South Hall 2431, UCSB EAP assists students during the recruitment, application, predeparture and re-entry stages of the process.  Annually, UCSB EAP sends over 1,000 students abroad and welcomes approximately 300 reciprocal exchange students from partner universities.  UCSB EAP is the resource on campus for students, faculty and staff who wish to learn more about UCEAP.

*Students interested in non-UCEAP study abroad programs should carefully review and follow the guidelines provided here.  UCSB EAP staff only advise for UCEAP programs.


Located off-campus in Goleta, UCEAP administers programs in 40+ countries for students from all UC campuses.  UCEAP works with students during the predeparture stage and supports them while abroad.  UCEAP and UCSB EAP collaborate closely to provide our students with transformative study abroad experiences.