Graduating Seniors

Many UCSB students graduate from abroad each year. With a little planning, you can too!

Residency Requirement
Seniors going on UCSB must take 35 of your final 90 units at the UCSB campus. This leaves 55 units for you to take abroad in your host country – you can graduate abroad, just make sure you complete all your requirements!

UCEAP Grades
Grades arrive SLOWLY – they often take at least 90 days to be posted to your UC transcript. It is not possible to obtain grades early! If you know that you need grades for graduate school applications of employment, please contact your EAP advisor. They can send a letter verifying that you participated on EAP and explain that grades take time to arrive.

Petitioning to Graduate From Abroad
It will take at least 90 days after the official program end date for UCEAP grades to be reported to the UCSB Registrar's office. It is not possible to ask for early grades. To satisfy requirements for graduation, official grades for UCEAP work must be reported to the UCSB Registrar's office no later than four weeks after the end of the UCSB quarter that a student intends to graduate and all course work must be completed by the last day of the UCSB quarter in which a student intends to graduate.

Most graduating UCEAP students, therefore, will declare candidacy to graduate the quarter after they complete UCEAP. For example, a student completing the necessary requirements in spring of 2022 would file for inclusion on the summer 2022 list of candidates. All candidates for undergraduate degrees must announce their candidacy for graduation on GOLD no later than the second week in the quarter in which the degree is anticipated.

NOTE: If your grades are not reported to the UCSB registrar's office in sufficient time for you to be included on the list of graduation candidates for the desired term, you must file a new petition for the following term. Your name will NOT be transferred to the following term automatically. Refer to for more information.

If You Do Not Graduate Abroad as Expected
You are required to return to UCSB and take a minimum of 12 units, unless you have already fulfilled your residency requirement. If you reach the maximum number of units allowed by your college, you may have to petition in order to be readmitted to UCSB.