To begin your study abroad adventure, follow these steps:

1. Get Informed

Visit us, attend an informational meeting and check out our application deadlines.  Review Student Stories for feedback from past participants.

  • 2024-25 Summer, Fall, & Northern Hemisphere Year Application Deadlines: Fall 2023 through Winter 2024
  • 2025 Winter, Spring, & Southern Hemisphere Year Application Deadline: Fall 2023 through Spring 2024
2. Get a Passport

Apply for a passport.  Some programs require a valid passport at the time of application.

  • Passport processing is taking longer than usual: up to 10 weeks for routine service and up to 6 weeks for expedited service.

  • Check your UCEAP program-specific application instructions to determine by when you must have a valid passport.

3. Determine What Courses you Need to Take Abroad

Plan your academics.

  • What are your academic goals for your time abroad?  What type of UCEAP program can help you accomplish these goals?
  • Can your UCEAP courses count for major, minor, or GE requirements?  Consult your academic advisors.
  • Can you graduate in a timely manner if you study abroad?
  • Get your Academic Planning Form signed by your advisor(s).
4. Narrow Down Your Program Choice

 Research your program options.  

 5. Find a Program That Fits Your Budget 

Understand your estimated program cost.  Budget for your program. 

6. Explore Your Housing Options at UCSB for the Terms Prior to UCEAP and When You Return

Determine if you will need housing at UCSB when you return from abroad or prior to departure.  

  • Should you sign a lease, find a subleaser or find a room when you return?

7. Submit an Application

   Apply now!  Submit only 1 application per UCEAP term.