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Congratulations on selecting a program and applying to UCSB EAP!

To start an application, create an account in the UCEAP Portal.

Submit your application by your program's deadline.

For application help, contact us or attend one of our Application Workshops.

For instructions on how to obtain a transcript, view these instructions.

If a Foreign Language Evaluation Form is needed for you to meet your program's language requirement, please use this form.

Follow the helpful tips here and below to make sure your application is complete and accurate:

Submit Only 1 Application per UCEAP Term

If you submit multiple applications for the same term (e.g. fall), only the first one that you submit will be reviewed.  The UCEAP portal timestamps your application submission actions.  Cancel applications for programs in which you no longer have an interest.

Coursework Section (Tab #4 - Academic Information)

Starting with the term in which your UCEAP application is submitted, list your current coursework and all projected coursework for each remaining term prior to your UCEAP departure, including summer if applicable.  Full-time students must list at least 12 units per quarter.  Include full course titles.  Do not include coursework already completed.  If you are not certain about what courses you will take in future terms, list your best guess and if applicable, include prerequisite courses for your program.

Starting with the term in which your UCEAP application is submitted, list your current coursework and all projected coursework for each remaining term prior to your UCEAP departure, including summer if applicableCoursework Sample
*Only if taking summer courses

Total Units (Tab #4 - Academic Information)

Total Overall Units as Listed on your Most Recent UC Transcript: Use the UC & Transfer Work unit total found at the bottom of your transcript.

Units That Have Not Been Added to Your Transcript: For most students this will be 0. Do not enter units from current or future classes. Examples of relevant units include an “Incomplete” that you will soon complete or a pending grade from a completed class that hasn’t been added to your transcript.

Screenshot of transcript with UC & Transfer Work unit Total circledTotal Overall Units circled and highlighted and Units that Have Not Been Added to Your Transcript circled

Class Level (Tab #4 - Academic Information)
Locate your “Total Units at the Time Your Program Starts.” "Total Units at the Time Your Program Starts" Circled
Review the Class Level by Units table on this website: Use the table to translate what your "Class Level" will be based on your units completed at the time your program starts. Screenshot of Class Level designation in UCEAP application
Passport Copy (if applicable) - See Application Instructions
If your application requires a passport copy, upload a clear scanned copy (not a photo) of your valid and signed passport.  Make sure all of the information is clear and not cut off.  Do not upload copies of passports that have expired or will expire sooner than 6 months after your program ends or otherwise stated on your UCEAP application instructions.
Departmental Pre-Approval to Extend (if applicable) - See Application Instructions
If the option to extend from one term to another is available for your program, it will be listed in your application instructions.

Many students extend their participation while abroad!

  • You are strongly encouraged to complete and submit the DPA form.  It must be signed by your academic advisor(s).
  • If you're planning to graduate at the end of your UCEAP program, you must also obtain a signature from a College advisor (L&S, Engineering, CCS).
  • Submitting this form does not commit you to extending; it just makes the process of extending much easier.
Document Uploads (Tab #6)
When uploading documents, be sure to select the correct Document Name.  For example, if your application requires a Statement of Purpose, select "Statement of Purpose," NOT "Campus Statement of Purpose."
Statement of Purpose circled on UCEAP application       Campus Statement of Purpose crossed out
Academic Planning Form (Tab #6 - Document Uploads)
View the video below for help with filling out your Academic Planning Form, finding possible courses offered on your program, navigating the Gaucho Credit Abroad Database, and exploring the UCEAP Course Catalog.

Academic Planning Form Tutorial