Interning in Thailand and Germany

Interning in Jordan

Interning in Scotland

A global internship can boost your résumé and set you apart from your peers.  Add a professional component to your term abroad and develop marketable skills while gaining international work experience.  

Built-in Internships

Receive academic credit for internships incorporated into your UCEAP program.  The internship process and details vary by program.  Learn more here.

Secure Your Own Internships

Many UCEAP programs allow students to intern, in addition to their coursework, and provide them with the option to receive academic credit, if desired.  In these cases, students are responsible for finding their own internship placements.  Programs that provide this opportunity will have the "Internships" section listed under the "Program Details" menu of their UCEAP program page.  The "Programs with Internships" flyer also provides a comprehensive list of this information (subject to change).

UCSB EAP Freeman Foundation Internship Scholarship

Students can receive a $3,000-$6,000 UCSB EAP Freeman Foundation Internship Scholarship to pursue an internship for academic credit in select programs in China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. Click here for a printable brochure.

Eligibility Requirements & Internship Guidelines

  • Freeman interns are required to participate in one of the eligible UCEAP programs and must meet the program's minimum eligibility requirements.
  • Non-U.S. citizens are eligible; however, they may not be a Freeman intern in their home country.
  • Students are responsible for securing their own positions.  Onsite assistance during this process varies by UCEAP program.  Flexibility is essential.
  • Freeman interns are encouraged to seek positions at local organizations/companies. Internships with U.S. governmental agencies, on-campus non-research internships, and remote internships are not allowed.
  • Internships must be unpaid.
  • Korean language fluency is required for most internships in South Korea.

Academic Requirements

  • UCEAP academic internship credit is required. The internship credits may replace a non-summer course or be in addition to the minimum required units for your program.
  • There will be an academic component related to your internship involving an individual study project and you will receive UC credit.
  • You will meet with your internship supervisor regularly to discuss your performance and what you are learning academically.
  • You will turn in a paper, series of reports, or other documentation describing the work you performed and analyzing what you learned.
  • Programs may have additional requirements.

Application Instructions

1. Submit your UCSB EAP China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan or Thailand application for a Freeman-eligible program by the program-specific deadline.

2. Submit your UCSB EAP Freeman Foundation Internship application by:

                                  Summer/Fall/Year 2024-25 Programs: February 9, 2024
                                  Spring 2025 Programs: May 13, 2024

3. Attend an interview, if required for your program (see * below):

                                 Fall/Year Programs: late February/early March
                                 Spring Programs: late May

4. Receive notification of your selection status:
                                 Summer/Fall/Year Programs: by the end of winter quarter
                                 Spring Programs: by the end of spring quarter

Eligible Programs


Intern for: 9 units / 225-300 hours per term
Award: $3,000
Summer Global Internship, Shanghai - Summer

Intern for: 4-6 units / 120-180 hours per term 
Award: $4,000 semester & $6,000 year
Fudan University* - Fall, Spring
Peking University* - Spring, Year
Tsinghua University* - Spring


Intern for: 3-6 units / 90-180 hours per term 
Award: $4,000 semester & $6,000 year
Hitotsubashi University* - Spring
International Christian University* - Year
Keio University* - Year
Waseda University* - Year


Intern for: 9 units / 225-300 hours per term 
Award: $3,000

Summer Global Internship, Singapore - Summer

South Korea

Intern for: 4.5 units / 135 hours per term
Award: $4,000 semester & $6,000 year
Yonsei University* - Fall, Spring, Year


Intern for: 3-6 units / 90-180 hours per term 
Award: $4,000 semester & $6,000 year
National Taiwan University* - Fall, Spring, Year




*Interview required


Intern for: 5 units / 210 hours per term / Award: $3,000
Summer Internship, Bangkok - Summer

Intern for: 5 units / 128 hours per term 
Award: $4,000 semester & $6,000 year
Thammasat University* - Fall, Spring, Year

Internship Preparation Tips

  • Be proactive. Research possible internship positions. Past UCSB EAP Freeman interns conducted general internet searches, used LinkedIn, utilized their personal and professional networks, and reviewed the 'Search for Internships' section of the UCSB Career Services website for tips.
  • Explore GoinGlobal for internship information, sample résumés/CVs, and interview tips by country.
  • Contact Career Services to have your cover letter and résumé reviewed and to prepare for interviews.

Student Voices

"My internship with a marketing company was a great learning opportunity...I learned about and immersed myself in Chinese culture, enhanced my skills with computer programs, and broadened my knowledge about marketing and advertising. As an intern, I attended business meetings and networked with members from other companies. I was given tasks and projects that I enjoyed, learned and honed skills I will use in future jobs, and established relationships I will keep for a lifetime."
-Kristina L., UCSB EAP China Freeman Intern
"In the future, I intend to work in international business and this internship [with Okayama Denim] has helped prime me for the rigors of that career. It exposed me to the Japanese work culture and allowed me to practice my new found language skills. Having the ability to operate in both Western and Asian work environments will be instrumental in determining my future success."
-Lincoln L., UCSB EAP Japan Freeman Intern

Freeman Foundation

The Freeman Foundation was founded in memory of Mansfield Freeman, co-founder of the American International Group, Inc. (AIG) insurance company. Having resided in China for many years, the Freeman family is an advocate for increased awareness of East Asia and through the foundation, it generously supports programs that promote greater knowledge and understanding of that region of the world among Americans.