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Study abroad is one of the most transformative educational experiences that students can have in college. 

UCSB EAP sends over 1,000 students abroad each year through its partnership with the University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP).  Founded in 1962, UCEAP offers programs at internationally top-ranked institutions in 40+ countries.  While abroad, students maintain their full-time UC status, continue to receive their financial aid & scholarships, and earn UC units and grades for their coursework.  Many of our students fulfill major, minor and GE requirements abroad to ensure for a timely graduation.  We understand the importance of gaining professional experience, therefore, internships and research opportunities are available and encouraged. Gaining foreign language proficiency or fluency is also advised.  Learn even more about the benefits of study abroad here

Encourage your student to take advantage of UCEAP.  Our students often cite their time abroad as the most memorable experience during their time at UCSB.  Students who seek out UCEAP are intellectually curious, welcome new experiences and are resourceful citizens of our university. They return from study abroad with a new sense of themselves and the world and are more prepared than ever to take on life's challenges. They return with the independence, adaptability, drive and flexibility to pursue their goals beyond UCSB.  The impact of UCEAP is lifelong.

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