Financial Aid

How financial aid works on UCEAP

We notify the UCSB Financial Aid Office that you are participating in UCEAP. Your Financial Aid package (including grants, scholarships, and loans) will be adjusted based on the cost of your program and is applied automatically to your UCEAP program costs. 

Learn the Details

Watch the EAP Video Tutorial on the UCSB Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships site. Also review the EAP specific information on this site.
Similar information can be found in PDF format in the UCEAP Guide to Study Abroad: Money Matters.

Get an Estimate

Before you apply to UCEAP, ask for an estimate of your financial aid on your specific program. This is particularly important if you are planning to study abroad for a Summer or during your 5th Year as financial aid may be limited.
Request an estimate from the UCSB Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at 805-893-2386 OR the EAP Calculator to obtain this information.


  • Financial Aid recipients DO NOT need to submit the first UCEAP payment of $950. It will automatically be deferred to the second payment. 
  • Some payments, such as housing or airfare, may be due before your financial aid is disbursed. In this situation you are required to pay up front and may be reimbursed when you receive your financial aid disbursement. 
  • Cost estimates do not include Non Resident Fees. If you are subject to out-of-state tuition at your UC campus, you will pay Non Resident Fees on UCEAP (except for Summer programs).