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Monday, February 1, 2021 - 2:30pm

Studying Abroad in Bologna, Italy

Studying Abroad for Art Majors

The Department of Art encourages students to further their research and study through the UC Education Abroad Program. Study abroad offers art majors opportunities to broaden their understanding of art and culture while exposing them to international education. All courses taken through UCEAP are accepted for UC credit so with some careful planning, you can study abroad and still graduate in four years. Opportunities to receive independent study credit for creative projects abroad are also an option for art majors, and should be discussed in advance with the appropriate department faculty.

Why study abroad?

Studying abroad is an exciting and valuable experience for students and provides a particularly relevant role to the study of art. The vast art history, museums, galleries and cultural environments available through EAP provide an excellent context and opportunity for intensive firsthand study of your chosen field. 

Living and studying abroad provides students a deeper understanding of a country’s history, social customs, and everyday life. UCEAP advisors and the department advisors can help you plan a program of study that best suits your interests and department’s curriculum.

When should I study abroad?

Students wishing to fulfill upper-division major requirements should study abroad during their junior, senior or even during a fifth year. Students interested in fulfilling major preparation or General Education requirements can participate as early as their sophomore year. 

Transfer students are encouraged to participate on UCEAP. Apply now!

Where should I study abroad?

Art majors have tended towards study abroad programs in Western Europe, particularly in Italy and France. However, study in many other locations, such as Africa, Asia, Latin America, Australia/Oceania and the Caribbean is also available.

Students with strong GPAs may be interested in spending a semester at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London.

Below is a partial list of UCEAP host countries that offer opportunities in art. You should also refer to this UCEAP website:


Foreign Language:

What classes should I take?

The easiest department requirement to fulfill on EAP is probably the 4 units of art history. By searching Gaucho Credit Abroad and the UCEAP Course Catalog you will get an idea of the types of art courses UC students have taken around the world.

Some examples of upper-division coursework past UCSB art majors have taken on UCEAP include: 

• drawing, painting, photography and sculpture in France
• video and photomedia in Australia
• print-making in Spain, and 
• mixed media in Hong Kong.

Investigate your opportunities thoroughly and be flexible when planning what specific classes you want to take. As at UCSB, particular courses are not offered every term or even every year. 

All UCEAP students automatically earn UC credit for the work they complete abroad. However, the application of credit to major requirements is subject to the discretion of the department and approval of the college. Save all syllabi, papers and other relevant course information to help you petition courses for specific requirements.

Use Gaucho Credit Abroad to search for the types of credit (i.e. major, minor, GE areas, or electives towards graduation) that UCSB students received for courses taken on UCEAP. You can find more UCEAP courses in the UCEAP Course Catalog and additional course listings on UCEAP partner university/program websites.

How do I get started?

Academic Planning Form Tutorial

Gaucho Credit Abroad Database