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Study Abroad for Global Studies Majors

Study Abroad in Ghana

Two EAP Programs?
Thailand & Brazil!

While not required, Global Studies students are strongly encouraged to study abroad through the UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP). On UCEAP, students can live and study in one of over 40 countries located on six different continents, while continuing to make progress towards their degree. It is a natural fit for Global Studies majors and one we hope all of students will take advantage of.

Why study abroad?

The benefits of studying and living abroad are numerous. You can:

  • Learn a new language and culture
  • Advance your cross-cultural and problem-solving skills
  • Take unique academic coursework not offered at UCSB
  • Intern in a local corporate, governmental, public, or private organization
  • Develop self-confidence and independence
  • Prepare for a career in an internationally competitive world
  • Receive academic credit for research or independent study projects
  • Enhance your résumé for job or graduate school applications
When should I study abroad?

Students can participate as early as their sophomore year. A number of Global majors choose to study abroad on more than one program. UCEAP offers a variety of year-long, semester, and summer programs. You can go in your senior or even during a fifth year.

Transfer students are encouraged to study abroad. Apply today!

Where should I study abroad?

With a wide range of programs in over 40 different countries, you have a world of options!

Consider perfecting a foreign language abroad, where you can use it in your daily life. Students who have finished two to three years of college-level foreign language can immerse themselves in a foreign university and take coursework taught in in the host language.

There are also a surprising number of UCEAP programs taught in English around the world.

What classes should I take?

Be sure to review the study abroad page on the Global Studies website for additional details.  Once there, you can find helpful information such as this database spreadsheet, which organizes programs by how they can potentially help you fulfill certain parts of the major requirements

Most Global Studies majors will either focus on their foreign language or their geographic region (Area III) requirements when abroad. Global majors can use up to 16 upper division units for the major from UCEAP. Five to six upper division classes (20 units) for the major must be done at UCSB. With careful planning, you can choose to spend a full abroad if you would like to do so and fulfill many of your major and upper division elective unit requirements!

Foreign language: 2 years of one modern language plus 1 year of another language OR 3 years of one language. Make sure to look carefully at what language level your potential program is offering and what level you'll be ready for by the time you go abroad (beginning, intermediate, or advanced - including upper division content courses taught in that language.)

Area I and at least 2 courses from Area IIA: These courses must be completed at UCSB.

Area IIB, Global Topics: 1-2 courses may be taken on UCEAP that cover 20th century “global topics.” It must touch on at least 3 of the 7 regions and any courses taken for this area must be upper division (the the tools on the "Academics" page of your selected program such as the UCEAP Course Catalog to help determine this.)

Area I and at least 2 courses from Area IIA: These courses must be completed at UCSB.

Area III, Regional Focus: 2-3 courses may be taken on UCEAP. The courses must be upper-division (the the tools on the "Academics" page of your selected program such as the UCEAP Course Catalog to help determine this) with a regional focus that has to do with 20th century social topics. All courses must be focused on the same region. Social topics do NOT include philosophy, theory, art, management, film industry, etc. It is not necessary to “match” UCEAP courses with UCSB courses.

By searching Gaucho Credit Abroad, you will see the incredible number of Global Studies courses UCSB students have taken around the world. You can find more UCEAP courses in the UCEAP Course Catalog and additional course listings on UCEAP partner university/program websites.

How do I get started?

Academic Planning Form Tutorial

Gaucho Credit Abroad Database