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Monday, February 1, 2021 - 2:30pm

Study Abroad for Math Majors


Study STEM in Berlin


Math at Technical University Berlin

The Mathematics Department encourages its students to study abroad through the UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP). In a world that is becoming increasingly globalized, exposure to other cultures can help students gain new perspectives and achieve a greater understanding of the world in which we live. College is an ideal time to take advantage of the opportunity to live abroad for a year, a semester or a summer. In addition to developing your self-confidence, independence and perspectives, your international experience will benefit your career goals and/or graduate school opportunities.

Why study abroad?

UCEAP offers unparalleled opportunities to obtain the broader perspectives, knowledge, and skills necessary to be effective professionally in our rapidly changing world. Possibilities are numerous to further your study of mathematics, as well as innumerable other subjects, in many countries around the world.

The benefits of studying and living abroad are tremendous. You can:

  • Take advantage of unique academic coursework opportunities in mathematics
  • Participate in a different educational system
  • Improve your critical thinking, cross-cultural and problem-solving skills
  • Expand your world view
  • Develop self-confidence and independence
  • Prepare for a career in an internationally competitive world
  • Enhance your résumé for job or graduate school applications

Returning UCEAP students often describe their experiences abroad as life-changing and uniquely valuable for future choices of professional and personal goals.

When should I study abroad?

Students interested in fulfilling major preparation or General Education requirements can participate as early as their sophomore year. Students wishing to fulfill upper-division major requirements should study abroad as a junior, senior or even 5th year.

Where should I study abroad?

Mathematics courses are offered at a number of UCEAP host universities. For a summary of UCEAP programs for math majors, go to this UCEAP website.

What classes should I take?

UCEAP math courses in over 15 countries around the world pre-approved for major credit may be found here.

Remember: You still must petition the Math Department for course approval when you return!

Please note that you are not limited to these courses nor can you be sure that they will be offered when you are going abroad. More math courses taken by UC students from all UC campuses may be found in the UCEAP Course Catalog. Additional course listings are available on UCEAP partner university/program websites.

Students wanting to fulfill upper-division major requirements should be aware that students at foreign universities begin their specialization in mathematics earlier than US. students. Consequently, mathematics courses abroad are often taught at a more demanding level, especially at the upper-division level. Please consult the with the department’s undergraduate advisor.

All UCEAP students automatically earn UC credit for the work they complete abroad. However, the application of credit to major requirements is subject to the discretion of the department.

How do I get started?

Academic Planning Form Tutorial

Gaucho Credit Abroad Database